How to use a long straight black wig for a perfect look?

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With the increasing beauty demands of women in recent years, hair trends are updated day by day. However, the long black straight hairstyle seems to be unbeatable with its strong position in the fashion world and hair industry. At the same time, long black straight wig is also a popular item for people with thin hair, hair loss or those who fall deeply in love with the long black tresses. Today, let figure out how to use this stunning hair and find a wig shop near me.

What do you know about a long straight black wig?

Before we use this wig, let’s start with some basic info about the hair item first.

Long straight black wig comes with a length of 16 inches above. There are several shades of black color for a long black wig like #1, #1A and #1B, but it’s better to opt for #1B color (or off black color) since this hue looks closest to human’s natural black hair.

How to use a long straight black wig?

Apart from letting your long straight black wig falling off your shoulder freely, there are countless hairstyles you can make with this lovely hairpiece. Below are some examples:

Simple bun

02 Simple Bun

If you want an easy-to-make daily hairstyle that can go with you to your workplace, workout session or a coffee date, this high bun is a good option for you. Looking simple, but this subtle high bun can take your long black hair to whole new levels of style.

Pushed-back side bangs

03 Side Bang

Your natural beauty is precious. So, why hide your pretty face behind the long tresses? You can keep your hair perfectly styled while showing off your beautiful face by pushing your bangs to the side with some clips or a stylish hairband. Simply enough. And now, it’s time for the lovely girl to enjoy a day outside.

Elegant chignon

04 Chignon

A chic chignon always has its special way to shine with the silky and smooth long black locks. You can dress it up with a flower crown to highlight your look. This hairstyle is a great idea for your modeling photo-shoot or can transform you into a beautiful bride in your outdoor wedding.

Side-swept bangs

05 Side Swept Bang

Side-swept bang is one of the most popular styles for bangs. Especially, if you have a round face shape, a side-swept bang is a perfect choice for your long black hair wig. It flatters the most with a round face since the angle of the bangs creates more length in your face, thereby reducing the illusion of the round shape.

Brown shade highlight

06 Brown Highlight

Do you want to spruce up the color of your black hair just a bit? If so, let try to add some brown shade highlights to your black hair. This will be a great way to add dimension to your long wig. Then, you can leave your hair falling freely like that. It’s more than enough to accentuate your beauty.

Find a wig shop near me

Online shopping is always excellently convenient. All that you need to do are add-to-cart, checkout, and wait for the package to be delivered to your address. If you are searching for “wig shop near me”, just open the browser and find APOHAIR’s online store for the marvelous long straight black wigs and many other human hair wigs and hairpieces.

Long straight black wig can be styled in numerous ways to complement your look. Find one now and make use of your creativeness to change your hairstyle every single day. It’s time to rock!

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