How to style a human hair wig – Tips for a perfect look

01 How To Style A Wig

Using a wig does not simply mean applying it in your head, but how you look with your wig is more important. That’s why knowing how to style a wig properly is one of the key things that any wig wearer should never ignore. So now, let learn some tips on styling a human hair wig to accentuate your look.

How to style a wig?

Cutting the lace

To get the perfect look with you lace wig, you need to start with cutting the extra lace front. If you have a ready-to-use lace wig, you can skip the step, but if not, let put the wig into your head and outline the lace part you want to cut with an eyeliner pencil. Make sure you handle the scissors carefully so as not to ruin the wig. It’s better to cut small sections one by one rather than making just one go. Also, please note that this step is only for the first time you use your lace wig.

02 How To Style A Wig

Parting your wig

Before you create the part on your wig, you need to define the part on your natural hair. To do so, use a wide-tooth comb to make a part on one side of your hair, or follow the parting that your hair currently has (which was created by your hairdresser previously). After that, put on your wig and decide the parting on your wig. If you have a lace front wig, you can form a part anywhere along the front where the lace is sewn into, just make sure to keep it centered. You can try several positions before committing to one.

03 How To Style A Wig

Creating the curls

Don’t’ forget that your human hair wigs can be cut and styled with heat; hence, you can use curling irons or curling wands to create a bouncy look for your wig. However, just like your own hair, your human hair wig cannot endure excessive heat and will be damaged right away. So, before you start curling, make sure to check the instruction of your wig to see what temperature range allowed. Normally, it lies between 200 to 300oF.

04 How To Style A Wig

With a curling iron, you can style your wig whatever you want with the basic steps as followed:

  • Divide the hair into 4 equal sections
  • Part each front section into 4 smaller sections
  • Take each smaller section and wrap it around the barrier of the curling iron for about 5 to 7 seconds
  • Remove the curling iron and hold the curl in your hand until it cools down
  • Do the same thing to the remaining sections
  • Use your fingers to brush out the curls if you want to have the loose waves

Add some shine to your wig

You can apply some shining spray or serum into the hair to bring it a vibrant look. Let spray a small amount into your hands, rub your hands together, and then run your hands through your wig. And now, you can enjoy the new look of your wig.

05 How To Style A Wig

What to note down?

If you already use your wig several times, it’s better to wash and detangle it before you apply any styling. However, make sure your wig is dry prior to the styling process. If you style a wet wig, it will affect the structure of the wig and shorten its lifespan. To reduce the drying time, you can blow dry your with at low or medium setting to avoid damaging the hair.

Besides, hair spray can help you to hold the curls and add some shine to the locks, but don’t overuse it. Hair products buildup will weight down your wig and you will have to wash your wig more often. Too much washing will break down your wig more quickly.

In case you want to change the look of your wig with a new color hue, do graps the tricks and how to dye a wig for the best result. And remember to treat your wig carefully after the dying process to help it stay with you longer. 

Now that you know how to style a wig, let make a try with yours and slay a new look with it. If you have any other ideas on styling a human hair wig, let share your thoughts here. Thank you for reading.


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