How to make clip in extensions look natural as your tresses?

clip in extensions

Have you ever wondered: “Why can’t my hair reach that ideal length?” You are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair and this makes you less confident in yourself. In the past, some people used to have thick and strong hair. However, due to the negative effects of many chemicals as well as an unhealthy lifestyle, their hair becomes thinner and weaker. If you are facing this problem, APOHAIR believes clip-in extensions will be the best options you should look for right now. So, how to make clip in hair extensions look natural as your tresses? Follow us to find out the best way.

What is clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair extensions is often known as the most beautiful method for adding length and volume to your hair. Also, this type of hair extensions helps you save much time thanks to its easy and quick application.

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Actually, clip in hair extension does not cost much of your time. You are going to get a new and gorgeous appearance just within some minutes. However, one disadvantage is that not all types of clip in hair extensions can give you a natural look. How to deal with this problem?

How to make clip in extensions look natural?

Choose Human clip in hair extensions

02 clip in extensions

Human clip in hair extensions is a clip in hair made of 100% human hair. This means you cannot find out any synthetic fibers in the hair extensions. With human hair extensions, you can dye and change hairstyle your way. However, the truth is, not all enterprises provide products made of 100% human hair. Sometimes, it is easy to realize that the hair can be mixed with synthetic hair to some extent. For the best choice, we believe that APOHAIR can supply you with all type of natural clip in hair extensions that are collected from Vietnamese women. Those products are, of course, the designs of the latest trends for new hairstyles.

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Suitable colors

It is important for you to choose yourself a perfectly suitable color for the clip in hair extensions. You need to do that because if the color of the extension does not blend with that of your real hair, you cannot make clip-in extensions look natural.

In fact, choosing the extensions which have the equivalent color to the real hair will make clip in extensions look natural. At that time, it’s hard for anyone to discover that you are using clip in hair extensions.

04 clip in extensions

Also, don’t forget to choose a hair color that suits your skin. If your skin is a little bit dark, you will certainly look prominent with darker tones such as dark gold or dark brown. If you have light skin, you can dye your hair with many different colors.

Suitable hairstyles

Whether it’s real hair or hair extension, you need to know how to choose the right hairstyle for your face. For a thin and long face, you should choose a hairstyle of a moderate length. If you want to look softer and more feminine, you can choose for yourself the hairstyle that is curled and of any length you like. Soft curls are always suitable for small faces. And for those who own a round face, shoulder-length hair will be a perfect choice.


If you do not know how to preserve your new hairstyle with hair extension, it is sure that the hair will quickly lose its natural and tangle. That’s why you need to make clip in extensions look natural. It is important here for you to simultaneously take care of both real hair and wigs. When cleaning your hair, it is best to use shampoos, conditioners, and combs specifically for wigs. Do not use hot water to wash your hair.

To make clip in hair extension look natural, you need to add necessary nutrients to ensure its shine and beautiful look. The shampooing time depends on the frequency of your use, if you regularly use clip in hair extensions, you should wash them after one week.

07 clip in extensions

Use with caution

Hair is made from human hair so when styling your hair, you should still be a little careful, because they are “fake” adnyway, right? If your clip in hair is wet, never use a brush and dryer, let them air dry. Just like real hair, your extension is also very picky about the temperature of the dryer. If you can limit the use of a hairdryer, the extensions can retain its texture and will not be damaged by heat or a strong impact. When you do not use wigs, hang them on racks to keep your hairstyle.

This is amazing, isn’t it? Make yourself beautiful with hair Clip in extensions the way you care for real hair. Taking care of your wig with all your heart and attention will help you to feel confident and shine everywhere. Hopefully, with the sharing of APOHAIR, the girls will own beautiful hair like a dream.


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