How to make a blue lace front human hair wig with weft bundles?

01 blue lace front wig human hair

Having your hair in blue hues will be a quick way to impress people with your new appearance. The trendy blue color will bring you compliments and highlight your style anywhere you go. That’s a reason why it has won the heart of people in any age range. If you fall in love with the blue shades but don’t want to risk trying on your bio hair, we bring you a useful way to make a stunning blue lace front wig human hair with our premium set of bundles. Here we go!

Making a lace front wig using GALAXY COLLECTION’s set of bundles

What you need

A 13×4 lace frontal and 3 weft bundles from GALAXY COLLECTION

A wig cap of your head’s size

A mannequin head

A U-curved needle and thread

Pins and hair clips

Wig combs and elastic band


02 Blue Lace Front Wig Human Hair

Creating a lace front wig

If you are a new wig user, you may think all the sewing processes are complicated. Yet, your first time will be easier if you have the ready-to-use set of weft bundles and prepare yourself with some tips on how to make a wig.

Step 1: Place your wig cap that fits your head on the mannequin head. Remember to mark the position of your ears and decide which side will be the front of your wig.

Step 2: Put your 13×4 lace frontal over the wig cap and pull the lace a little bit above the cap. Then, pin two ends at the back of the lace frontal down the mannequin head. If you look at the front, it should be in M-shape and the lace should not lay flat.

03 Blue Lace Front Wig Human Hair

Step 3: Use the U-curved needle to sew the lace frontal to the wig cap. It’s better to start with the top middle of the lace frontal, then sew down both sides and make tight knots at two ends to make the frontal strongly attach to the wig cap.

Step 4: Outline the tracks that you are going to sew the weft bundles in. After that, start sewing the first track at the bottom of the cap (the position near your nape of the neck). You can use some pins to keep the wefts in place and you can sew in it the cap easier and it will look flat.

Make sure the tracks lie closely so your wig will be more natural and have enough volume. When you reach the last track, sew it directly and neatly to the frontal to make sure there is no space between.

Step 5: Take the wig out of the mannequin head and cut the extra part of the wig cap and then sew the elastic band and wig combs inside the cap.

Step 6: Try the wig on to see if anything goes wrong and make the instant correction.

04 Blue Lace Front Wig Human Hair

Dying your new wig into a blue lace front human hair wig

All the weft bundles in GALAXY COLLECTION’s premium set are made from human hair with #1B color. Therefore, you can bleach and dye the strands to the color shades you want. To make a blue lace front human hair wig, you need to prepare blonde lightening powder, 50 volume developer and hair dye with the blue shades you like. You can dye the bundles into blue before you use them to make a wig or after you finish the wig. But make sure you do it carefully in order not to stain the lace with the hair dye.

Step 1: Mix the blonde lightening powder with 50 volume developer. The ratio should be 50gram:75gram.

Step 2: Put your wig into the mannequin head. Then, spread the mixture all over the hair strands of your new wig from root to tip. Let it there for about 45 minutes before you wash the wig to remove the bleaching mixture. And now, you get a new blonde color wig.

Step 3: Mix the hair dye to get the shade you want and use a brush to evenly apply it to your wig. Wait for about 30 minutes and wash your wig again to clean the hair dye. You can add some conditioner to make your wig silkier and shinier.

05 Blue Lace Front Wig Human Hair

Step 4: Pat dry your wig with a towel and let it air dry. If you have a curly or wavy wig, before it is completely dry, do some styling to maintain the perfect curls and waves.

With APOHAIR’s premium set of bundles, you can create marvelous blue lace front wig human hair or blue hair extensions on your own. Challenge your patience and creativeness and it will bring you back the excellent results. Thank you for reading.


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