How to maintain a long wig for a perfect look?

01 Long Wig

A long wig is a marvelous choice for fans of long hairstyles instead of spending years and years to nurture and wait for the bio hair to reach the length. However, there is a big concern among long hair wig users, that is, how to take care of it. Since the long locks are more prone to tangle and damage than the short ones, it’s better to pay attention to the maintenance process so that you will always possess a good look with your wig. So today, we bring you some suggestions to master the key. Let’s get started!

What is a long wig?

A long wig normal obtains the length of 18’’ above. In the hair extension market, producers mainly offer long hair wigs with the length ranging from 18’’ to 40. Those are 34’’ long above are considered super long wigs.

02 Long Wig

How to take good care of long wigs?


Don’t try to apply any hair spray or shine spray into your long wigs, or else the hair strands will get tangled easily and become greasy.

If you have a super long wig, it’s not a good choice to wear it all day long. You should use it for cosplay festivals or photo shoots only. If you must wear it for the whole day, don’t let the wig hang freely while you are moving. The hair will rub against your body and itself, thereby tangling quickly. The solution is holding the wig with your hands to get away from your body and comb it whenever you can to limit tangling. You can also braid it and unbraid when you need to take a photo.

03 Long Wig


Wig hair in general does not absorb normal hair conditioner and shampoo. Therefore, you should invest in the specialized products for your wig. Besides, remember to comb your long hair wig when it’s dry. Combing while it’s wet will loosen the wig and break the hair.


We recommend using a wide-tooth comb or your own fingers to comb and detangle your wig. Make sure you master how to detangle a wig well to avoid messing with it. You should start from the bottom of your wig and gently work your way up. Don’t try to do vice versa, or else the long locks will tangle.


If you want to apply some basic styling such as making light waves or curls, you can do it yourself. Yet, with more complicated styling like a haircut, bleaching and dying, it’s better to have a salon do it for you. Also, please note that even if you own a human hair long wig, frequent heat exposure will damage it. Hence, lessen the time of using heat to your wig as much as possible.

04 Long Wig


You should put your long wig in a wig stand to prevent tangling.  Make sure you keep it in a cool and dry place after use. Also, don’t wear your wig when you sleep. Removing it before your bedtime will help it last longer and always in a good state.

Where to find a high-quality long hair wig?

APOHAIR is where you can find stunning long hair wigs with various texture and color shade options to transform your look. Our invisible lace wig secures you with the most natural look. We also set different choice for cap sizes to fit your head. Especially, all the products in APOHAIR’s wig collection are made from human hair, ensuring the smoothness like your real hair.

05 Long Wig

Apart from the wig collection, APOHAIR is now offering premium hair bundle deals with lace closure and frontal for wig making. The length option is also varied to meet the demand of the customers. All you need is to get some basic sewing methods. Let check it out and enjoy your new look with your self-made long wig.

Above are some important points we would like to recommend when using a long wig. We hope that they will be useful to you. Now, let rock your day with a brilliant long hair wig. Thank you for reading.


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