Half Up Half Down Braid Hairstyle – 5 Cool Ideas For Summertime

Half Up Half Down Braid Hairstyle

Half up half down hairstyle is very stylish and becoming popular with every woman. There are so many ways for you to wear this look and one trendy version you should try is half up half down braid. Braids will really jazz up your hair and there are different types of braids that you can apply to create a beautiful and unique hairstyle. To show you how amazing these hairstyles can be, we have put together 5 gorgeous half up half down braid ideas. There is something for everyone, and there are braids to suit with different hair lengths too. Let’s check it right now!!!

Half Up Half Down Braids For Summer

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle 1

First of the list is this cute braided hairstyle. Your hair will be styled into four large Dutch braids which create the half up half down look. All four braids will meet in the middle and be tied together with a scrunchie. We love this scrunchie because it is trendy and unique. You can recreate this look or use two braids instead of four, you can also use a hair tie of your choice too, it doesn’t need to have to be a scrunchie.

Sleek Fishtail Braid

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle 2

A popular type of braid you can try is a fishtail braid. This is a stunning way to wear a fishtail braid with the half up half down braid hairstyle. The hair has been separated and the upper section has been styled into a sleek braid. It is a pretty and stylish look that will suit everyone. You can apply a braided hairstyle like this for any occasion. There are lots of tutorials and how-to guide videos online to show how to create a beautiful fishtail braid just like this.

Multi Braids for Summer Festivals

Half Up Half Down Braid Hairstyle 3

When creating a half up half down braid hairstyle, you don’t have to stick to one braid type. You can use two or three different braids to create a unique and trendy look, it’s up to you. This is a gorgeous example. The hair is separate and the upper half has fishtail braids with loose sides. On the lower half, there are two three strand braids too. It is a cool and tricky hairstyle that has a boho vibe. You can also recreate this or try different braids of your choice.

Half Up Braid Hairstyle For Short Hair

If your hair is shorter, this is a braided style for you. For this style, the hair is cut to a length that sits just below shoulders. Then a half up half down braid style has been created with a loose fishtail braid. It is a stylish look that will suit everyone who has short hair, it can be recreated on even shorter hair too.

Bold Grey Braids

The last half up half down braid hairstyle we show you is bold and statement making. This hairstyle features three braids that are styled across the hair. The rest of your hair is loose and curly. We love the ways three braid designed as it is an unusual version of the half up half down style. You can wear a similar hairstyle with your own hair color or go all in and recreate the grey hair color.

However, if you aren’t sure you will style your natural hair the right way, you are also afraid of damaging it or your hair is too short for a half up half down braid, we recommend trying styling hair extensions in advance, at least you will have a trial for the better next. Keep scrolling down for a suggestion!!!

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Here are some most popular half up half down braid hairstyles we’d like to share with you. How do you think about this? Do you have a better one? Feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly if you need consultation about hair extensions. One more time, we hope you will get something useful from this article. Follow our website for more tips, news and how-to guides. 



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