01 20 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

Reasons why you should choose 20 inch clip in hair extensions

There are many types of hair extensions that you can use to apply for a new hairstyle. Today, we will introduce you...
01 26 Inch Keratin Hair Extensions

26 Inch Keratin Hair Extensions – Various Options For You To Try

What Are Keratin Hair Extensions? Keratin hair is a type of extensions that includes 4 basic types: I- tips, U- tips, V- tips...
01 32 Inch Keratin Extension

Ideal 24 Inch Weave Hairstyles for Women This Year

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01 32 Inch Keratin Extension

3 homemade hair mask recipes with coconut oil for 22 inch weave

Hair extension tends to catch hair problems such as split end, frizz, hair loss, breakage, etc more than our actual hair. These...
01 12 Inch Tape In Hair Extension

All you need to know about 12 inch tape in hair extension

If you’re going for a one-night type of hair vibe, clip-in extensions are an easy, non-adhesive option that allows you to clip...
01 32 Inch Keratin Extension

Where to buy 32 inch keratin extension in double drawn

What is 32 inch keratin extension? If you are wondering about it, I am sure that you are not a sassy girl...
01 18 Inch Weave Hair Extension

18 inch weave hair extension for desired hair length

Every women will love to have a long hairstyle at least once. 18 inch length will be perfect to try. However, it...