Hairdo braided headband – a quick transformation to be a princess

01 Hairdo Braided Headband

Hair industry has been continuously developing throughout the years with so many hair products and hairstyles were created. There are, however, the hairstyles that have never become old. Together with the development of society, they also vary in styles and textures thanks to the creativity of users and hairstylists. Among them, hairdo braided headband is the one which hasn’t stop to captivate the hearts of many girls. Today, we will figure out the popularity of braided headband and some styles you can do easily to become a princess.

Why does hairdo braided headband become more and more popular?

Many girls choose to use braided headband because of its convenience. Amidst their busy life, they tend to love simple yet pretty hairstyles that they can do at home within a short time. And a headband braid totally meets the criterion. It’s really easy to make, even with newcomers. You just need to spend several minutes in the morning to make the headband braid and be beautiful all day long.

Moreover, you will no longer have a headache choosing the hairstyle for each setting as braided headband can go with you through your workdays to the weekends. Just make some slight changes with braided headband like a high or low bun, you can have a new style for each occasion.

02 Hairdo Braided Headband

Another great thing about headband braid hairstyle is that it’s really suitable for summer. In the hot summer days, the front section of your hair is easy to be damp with sweat and stick to your face. The front braid acts as a real headband to help you get away from that disturbing situation.

In addition, because of the front braid that hairdo braided headband is often selected to come with boho style. With the impressive comeback of boho style in recent years, braided headband has also been the trendy hairstyle among girls.

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3 stunning headband hairstyles for a quick transformation

After you make the front braid on your hair, you can leave your hair like that. It’s already enough for you to go out. Yet, if you want to highlight your concept with your hairstyle more, you can make some styling to the remaining hair. You don’t need to do it complicatedly. Just be freely creative, you will have a lovely hairstyle. Below we give you some images of simple braid headband hairstyles that you can apply.

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Messy Braided Waves

03 Hairdo Braided Headband

For this sweet hairstyle, the headband braid is played up by the wavy hair.  It’s really suitable for bohemian festivals, so boho lovers may fall for it at first sight. You can add a flower or some small leaves to make the hair more outstanding. This one can also be a bridal hairstyle and especially suits outdoor weddings.

Glamorous Double Braids Updo

04 Hairdo Braided Headband

The classic updo can make you look more mature and traditional. But with the double braids, you can turn it to a new elegant style while staying youthful and trendy. It can satisfy girls in their proms and parties, or be a beautiful bridesmaid.

Floral Braided Headband

It’s common to see girls wearing floral crowns at music festivals, crowded walking streets at the weekends and other outdoor events. Yet, with a lovely floral crown placed nicely on your headband braid, you will stand out from the rest.

05 Hairdo Braided Headband

There is a slight change in this hairstyle. Your braid will be shown off above the layers of hair. After you make the braid, gently tuck the floral crown around the braid. And here you can enjoy your time outside your home.

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We hope that you will be beautiful every single day and enjoy your life fully with hairdo braided headband. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


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