Gorgeous moments of the supermodel: Cara Delevingne no makeup

01 Cara Delevingne No Makeup

Cara Delevingne, the English supermodel, began her career when she was only 10 years old. Since then, she has gained a number of achievements as a model and walking for many shows of prestigious fashion brands names such as YSL, Chanel, H&M, D&G, etc. Apart from her modeling career, Cara Delevingne proved her multi-talents as an actress and singer. People love Cara Delevingne not only because of her glamorous catwalks but also the way she lives freely and simply in spite of being a celebrity. Let check the following moments of Cara Delevingne no makeup and you will totally fall for the charming model.

Taking a selfie with a frog

In the fairytale, the princess needs to kiss the frog to break the curse and the prince can transform back to the normal look. However, in real life, Cara Delevingne does not need any magic to be stunning as she is always beautiful, with or without makeup.

02 Cara Delevingne No Makeup

In this selfie that Cara Delevingne posted on her Instagram account, she was wearing a blue jeans shirt and let her face free from makeup. Although her face is not on full display in this photo, it still draws people’s attention to natural beauty. Cara Delevingne seemed to have fun with a frog on her hands. She looks cute with her lips pretending to kiss the frog.

Cara Delevingne no makeup waking up in the bed

Cara Delevingne once confessed that she does not like wearing makeup, which is contrary to her job. Whenever she can, she gets out of the layers of cosmetic products and dresses in casual clothes. This is a reason why there are many pictures of her wearing no makeup when she is not on her work on the internet. If you take a look at her Instagram account, you will also see numerous selfies of this pretty model with no makeup enjoying her daily life.

03 Cara Delevingne No Makeup

This photo of Cara was taken when she woke up in the morning. With sans makeup, her face looks gorgeous with flawless skin and beautiful facial contours. Though the blanket was covering a part of her face, we can still see her naughty smile.

Cara Delevingne no makeup selfing with Monalisa picture

04 Cara Delevingne No Makeup

Leading her life simply despite being a famous figure, the supermodel demonstrates that by her images in casual styles and just enjoy her life freely. Like other girls, Cara Delevingne also takes her time for her hobbies and goes where she wants. And while enjoying the Monalisa picture, she took a selfie as a way to save her memory. Cara was wearing no makeup in this photo and her face is clearly shown as her hair was tied up neatly. If there is anything more impressive than the beauty of Monalisa in this photo, that’s definitely Cara Delevingne’s pretty bare face.

The lovely girls with animals

05 Cara Delevingne No Makeup

Cara Delevingne has been hiatus for some time now as she wants to enjoy her life fully and truly. But she still updates the images of her in normal life, the places she goes and things she does. It seems that she really loves animals since there are a lot of photos and selfies of her with cute animals. Cara looks happy with them and she also does not afraid to touch or let the animal on her shoulder. Such a strong and lovely girl Cara is.

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The girl with blonde hair

We can see clearly no trace of makeup in Cara Delevingne’s face in this picture. She even let her long hair fall freely without any styling. The smile on her face is as bright as the blonde color of her hair. With this look, the vibrant girl can spread her joy and positive energy to any viewer.

06 Cara Delevingne No Makeup

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Cara Delevingne no makeup cannot lower her beauty or make people hate her. In fact, she is still a wonderful girl and people just fall for her because of the way she lives.


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