Like Ariel
Like Ariel

Most of us have been in a major soft spot when it comes to the Disney princesses. Even though you just watched them almost when you were a child, the stories of each princess still last in our memories till these days.

If you share that same feeling with me, you may find yourself still come back and watch them over and over again, well even into adulthood.

All of us are inspired to have the courage, strength, passion and be as bold as these classic young princesses. However, we also adore their iconic styles, especially the hair! Most of the Disney princesses’ hairstyles are beautiful and we can easily recreate them to fit our modern life now or use for our daily looks.

Let’s check out the list below and find your most favorite hairstyles that are inspired from our Disney princesses’ ones. Try learning how to achieve these hairdosand be your own princess version in this lifetime.

Find Yourself

  1. Ariel – The Little Mermaid

It’s somehow difficult to decide that Ariel is best known forher youngest mermaid role and lovely daughter of King Triton, or her trademark redhead. That is lucky that we all too can have that hair which just looks as it is flowing underwater. All you need to do is following a few simple steps and tips. For the best result, you should as your hair dresser expert to help you a hand. Next thing you know, your look will be just like Ariel and even no need the iconic shell bra to prove that.

Like Ariel

  1. Rapunzel – Tangled

We all know that to achieve Rapunzel’s hair, we most likely require several doses of biotin, or even more than that.There are another ways that can help you to emulate her flowing hair without waiting your hair to grow to the feet long. Now you can use the hair extension to support your hair, even whichever length you own.

Flowing Hair

Wanting to try on her smooth flowing shining long straight blonde hair? No need to wait, visit our APOHAIR website, we are one of the biggest hair extension suppliers with all types of Remy hair. There are various straightblonde hair extensions that can give you a hand to achieve that Rapunzel’s iconic hair. Try out her stunning style. All you need is just a few extensions and the job is done.

  1. Merida – Brave

Merida undoubtedly is one of the most adventurous Disney princesses. Her character is known for the red curly hair. That hairstyle is just as bold as her characteristic. Her hairstyle actually does not need a complicated steps or professional touch. However, to style it, you definitely require some styling, even if your hair has those natural volumes.

Merida Undoubtedly

You also can meet lots of other gorgeous hairstyles that are inspired from our beloved Disney princesses nowadays. There is the fact that we all can deny that is the Disney movies have been a vital role in our life from our mental life to appearances. Have fun to read and take a look at some other outstanding hairstyles bases on our lovely Disney princesses.

  1. Jasmine– Aladdin

Jasmine– Aladdin

These are some of the hairstyles that are inspired by cartoons. They look interesting, don’t they?

In case you ask, we APOHAIR can supply you a great deal of hair extensions. Please feel free to contact us.


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