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It seems that your hair is more vulnerable during the seasonal transition period, especially the transition from summer to autumn.

When hot summer is replaced by dry autumn, you have to change the way you take care of your hair so that it can be adapted to weather changes. Here are 5 suggested hair care tips for autumn that can be helpful for you.


Wash your hair correctly


Many women have the habit of washing their hair everyday to ensure that their hair is clean all time. However, you are recommended to not wash your hair too regularly in autumn because it can make your hair dry and damaged. It is better to wash your hair once every two days. Remarkably, natural shampoos are highly appreciated.


Condition your hair by hair care products for autumn

After suffering from hot summer, you should recover your hair by hair care products like hair oils or serum. These products are important in moisturizing your hair, making your hair shiny, smooth and healthy. However, you should not use the same hair care products all year. The reason is that each season has different effects to your hair. Hair care products which protect your hair from summer’s damages are no longer suitable for hair care in autumn. Therefore, it is necessary to use suitable hair care products for autumn.


Trim your hair regularly

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Your hair is affected negatively by a lot of damages such as UV rays, dust and even chlorine in swimming pools. Trimming your hair is extremely necessary to remove the damaged hair and to deal with dry weather of autumn.

In fact, hair ends are the most tangled part of hair, but many girls tend not to cut this damaged part as they prefer long hair. Consequently, your natural hair grows slowly and it is more and more damaged. It’s better to spend time cutting your damaged hair ends every 2-3 months. Short hair, medium hair and long hair all need to be trimmed regularly.


Limit using hair dryer

Autumn is the time when your hair is prone to be dry and tangled. If you abuse the use of hair dryer, your hair will be more and more damaged due to the heat from the dryer. Hair extensions are not an exception. You are advised to limit using of hair dryer not only in autumn but in any season. Instead, let your hair dry naturally is much better.


Drink more water

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Because it is cooler in autumn than in summer, people tend to drink less water. Not only can drinking enough 2 liters of water per day help to moisturize each strand of your hair but it also benefits your health. For this reason, it is very important to drink more water.

To get more hair care tips for dry autumn, please don’t hesitate to leave us your comments. APO HAIR’s employees are willing to answer any questions related to hair extensions as well as hair care tips.


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