Everything you need to know about Janet Collection’s jode wig

01 Janet Jode Wig

Janet Collection is a popular name in the hair industry with a wide range of products, including weave, wig, braid and bulk, extension and hairpiece and so on. Janet Collection wigs are now the strongly competitive product line in the market, and jode wig is one of them.

Today, we are going to find out more about Janet Collection and its jode wigs that attract people from many places in the world.

A brief information of Janet Collection

Janet Collection is a product brand under Beauty Plus, one of the biggest producer and provider of human hair and synthetic hair products. Janet Collection is now a strong brand in the industry and products under Janet Collection line attracts and satisfies the customers from a lot of countries and territories.

Together with its sister line, Femi Collection, Janet Collection is the trend creator in the fast-growing and increasingly demanding hair market.

Janet Collection wigs – the classic and trendy style for customers’ choice

Janet Collection wigs are designed and handcrafted by its professional aritisans who have been worked in the industry for many years. Each wig product of Janet Collection is made from high-quality materials and comes with adjustable straps and combs. Janet Collection offers different types of wigs, ranging from remy hair, virgin hair, human hair blend and synthetic wigs to meet the various demand of customers.

03 Janet Jode Wig

Currently, there are four main lines of Janet Collection wigs, including unprocessed natural hair, 100% human hair, 100% human hair blend and premium synthetic hair. Each line also has its featured category and strong points. And jode wig belongs to Natural Lace Me category.  

Janet Collection’s jode wig

02 Janet Jode Wig

Janet Collection’s jode wig is a type of premium synthetic hair with 6 color codes, namely 1, 1B, 2, 51, 99J and OET1B/30. Jode wig of Janet Collection is made from heat-resistant fiber, which enables users to curl or flat iron up to 400oF. The wig goes with an average size cap and adjustable straps. Especially, there are front and back combs in the cap for users to conveniently apply the jode wig. Besides, although it is made from synthetic fiber, the wig looks quite natural with the reasonable price. However, with synthetic hair products like this jode wig, customers will normally need to pay attention to the durability.


Apo’s wigs from 100% natural human hair

At Apo’s store, we also offer diverse types of wigs which are made from high quality natural human hair; that’s the reason why customers can always trust Apo’s product quality. Over the past 10 years, Apo has continuously researching and developing the product range and quality to meet the increasing demand of the market.


Apo’s wig are mainly made with the length of from 16 inches to 30 inches. Depending on the length of, we use 1 closure and about 3 weave hair extensions to form a wig. Therefore, we also call it Lace closure wig. We also add more hair to the lace at 2 sides of ears for natural look and add built-up comb to secure wig for better application. Instead of the boring black color and basic straight hairstyle, our factory can customize the wigs with more than 30 colors and 16 textures to meet customers’ demand. You can choose the hairstyle you like, from curly to wavy, or straight hair. Especially, Ombre wig is now available at our store.

04 Janet Jode Wig

Apo’s products are made with special care and always seek to meet the customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, we put our heart in each detail of the wig. Even for the wig cap, there are 4 sizes available, including small, medium, large and extra large with specific dimension for customers to choose.

Above we have brought you some information about Janet collection wigs and its jode wig. We hope that it will be useful to you in choosing a suitable wig. Please keep following us for more updates. Thank you for reading.


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