Enjoy winter with beautiful hair

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Perhaps the cold weather has become the “enemy” of hair beauty because this is the time very easily damaged hair, break if not properly care. So how can we own beautiful, healthy, shiny, smooth hair, full of vitality in this cold winter? Apohair will advise 3 notes for healthy hair beautiful in winter below for you to have more experience in taking care of your own hair beauty.

  1. Wash your hair properly to take good care of winter hair


In winter, your hair is usually dry and brittle, so it is very susceptible to breakage, especially during shampooing if not done properly. So make sure you follow the following tips while shampooing your hair:

– Choose a moisturizing shampoo for shampoo: This is very important. Besides the choice of suitable type shampoo for each type of hair, you need to focus on moisturizing shampoo products to take care of beautiful hair in the freezing weather and reduce the condition of hair break by the season. Winter is the season of hair loss.

– Massage your scalp with essential oils such as coconut oil and olive oil before shampooing your hair to provide natural moisture content while protecting your hair from the loss of protein

– Use cold water or warm water to shampoo, absolutely do not use hot water because the temperature of the water will cause hair and scalp to dry, resulting in dry hair fibers, more damage, scalp increase more oil and more dandruff;

– Dry hair naturally after washing or using a dryer to dry your hair, do not use a hot dryer, it will not hurt your hair much, if necessary you can use. Low temperature heaters, however keep a distance of at least 15cm for hair when drying.

  1. Moisturize the hair well enough for healthy hair in winter

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Moisturizing the hair plays a very important role in the care of healthy hair, especially in the dry weather this winter. Do the following three simple ways to keep your hair moisturized:

– Drink plenty of water every day, at least 2 -2.5 liters to moisturize the hair from the inside, each hair is “full” water will become more beautiful, shine much more;

– Use a moisturizer that is rich in moisturizers and is used regularly to protect your hair better than you can replace with a bottle of distilled water and some favorite oil, good. Especially coconut oil and every two hours to spray the hair just once moisturize the hair;

– Regularly massage your hair with moisturizing oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, grapefruit oil to help your hair look healthier, smoother and moisturize your hair in the most perfect way. Do 2 days / 1 time a day.

  1. Apply a healthy face mask when it is cold

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Masks for the hair will be important for you to have beautiful hair in the freezing weather. Therefore, besides hair conditioner, at least once a week, apply a mask to your hair with the following ingredients:

Coconut oil + eggs: Dissolve a chicken egg, use both white and yolk and then mix well with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Brush your hair lightly, moisturize your hair and apply this mixture to your hair with a gentle massage for 10 minutes, warm the hair with a warm towel and relax for 20 minutes to deeply nourish nutrients to nourish beautiful hair later then wash with cold water;

Honey mask + fresh milk + fresh lemon: Mix ½ cup small fresh milk with 5 teaspoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon, a homogeneous mixture and apply to short hair, massage hair and warm up hair. For long hair, you can add more quantity. Clean as above to feel really beautiful hair

Above are some notes to take care your hair in winter you can apply for your own hair to keep it shiny and glossy. Apohair is very happy to bring readers the useful beauty tips for females and don’t forget that our company is always welcome you to come and enjoy yourself with our products- hair extensions.

Hair extensions can become your best friend when you want to change yourself without wasting your time.


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