Easy ways to have Smooth and Silky Hair

Vietnamese Hair
Vietnamese Hair

Smooth, silky hair seem likely only in dreams. However, smooth hair without tangles or frizz is not unattainable if you use the right techniques.

There are a few simple steps we could attain smooth hair – the natural way, using certain ingredients, tips, and tricks that promote smoothness, and the chemical way.

Read on to know more about these smoothing methods, and decide which one would be the ideal choice for you.

Cold-rinse your hair

After you have been for a shower, you should rinse your hair with cold water.

Warm water will open the hair cuticle, whereas cold water will close it.

Cold water helps the hair shaft lie flat, so your vietnam remy hair will enable your hair strands to stay flat and smooth. Hot water has the opposite effect, creating frizz and drying out your hair.

Vietnam Hair

Cut back on hairdryers and straighteners

Constant use of heated tools on your vietnam virgin hair causes damage which dulls your hair and leaves it looking a bit frizzy.

Although flat irons and hairdryers may be a quick-fix for making the hair smoother, But using them extensively can make hair coarse and frizzy and can strip it of its natural oils, taking away its shine.”

Vietnamese Hair

If you have to blow-dry your hair, make sure the nozzle end is on and point it downwards.

Avoid brushing wet hair

Wet hair is more prone to breakage, So try to avoid brushing the hair when it’s wet and instead, brush the hair before going for a shower to get rid of tangles.

And then use a soft towel-dry your hair, don’t rub it, and gently blot dry.

Opt for a moisturizing conditioner.

Conditioner helps your hair stay smooth and silky by moisturizing it and keeping it tangle-free. Silicone-free conditioner is best, since silicones build up in your hair and cause it to look dull after a while. Look for a  product that has glycerin in it, instead.

Trim your tresses every 6-8 weeks

Trimming off the dry, coarse ends of your hair will keep it looking lighter, smoother, and softer. You simply trimming 1 inch (2.5 cm) every 6-8 week.  This does not affect the length of the hair.

Vietnamese Human Hair

Sleep on a silk pillowcase or use a silk scarf at night.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase or use a silk scarf at night. Cotton pillowcases can absorb moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and dull.  Instead, use a silk pillow or wrap your hair  in a silk scarf before going to bed. Your hair will be smooth and silky in the morning.

A note for the girls using the vietnam human hair, Look for a healthy and soft hair extension so you can easily get the perfect hair you want. Vietnamese hair is one of the smart choices for you.


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