Easy tips to use 28 inch tape in hair extension

01 28 Inch Tape In Hair Extension

If you are new to hair extension, you may be a little unsure as to what length to go for, and with so many lengths and options to choose from, it can be a very difficult decision.

So to make things easier for you, we did some digging around and came up with brief valuable guide on voluminous hair extensions.

What is 28 inch tape in hair extension?

28 inch hair extension is hair which is 28 inches in length. This product has the hair tip attached with the specialized tapes. The tapes are known to be flexible and replaceable so that you are able to use this kind of hair extensions for a very long time. 

02 28 Inch Tape In Hair Extension

Where will 28 inch hair extension fall on your body?

When thinking about the length of your hair extensions, often you think about this in terms of where the hair will sit against your body e.g ‘I want the hair to come down to my bra line’.  This is a great way to think about the length of the hair, as with different body shapes and sizes how long the hair extensions will need to be to reach your body will vary from person to person, so it isn’t a one size fits all process.  28 inch hair extensions will be just above the butt with straight hair extension, while curly or wavy locks may be somewhere above it. The length of these textures may fall on different positions on your body even though they are the same length

03 28 Inch Tape In Hair Extension

The advantages and disadvantages of 28 inch hair extension

The advantages are easy to list:

First is the sexiness of the long hair, added desired.

Second is the freedom to style your hair in any way, shape or form. When you have an idea of a new hairstyle in your head and your hair is long enough for you to try, while other shorter lengths are not suitable or just don’t look good with that hairstyle.

04 28 Inch Tape In Hair Extension

However, this is one main disadvantage that everyone keeps on forgetting. The longer the hair, the harder it is to maintain and keep these ends healthy.

Upkeep cost is another con that you should consider. Washing long hair like 28 inch hair extension will require many products and drying time will double. Sometimes you get trouble with tangling. So when you have a long hair extension, you need to spend time and take care of your hair a lot to maintain a perfect look. It requires patience after installation.

05 28 Inch Tape In Hair Extension

When do the tape in extensions need removing?

The tape-in hair can blend perfectly with your natural hair. You don’t need to worry whether other people realize your hair extension or not. Because people use the integrated transparent tape that is difficult to be seen.

So now what you care about is how to remove tape in hair extension. But first, you need to know when your tape in hair extension needs to remove. You should release your hair extension depending on how fast your natural hair grows. It is advised to get rid of your hair extension every 8-12 weeks. In addition, your hair extensions tape in also need to be replaced sooner in case you have lots of product buildup or you don’t spend much care on your extensions.

How to remove 28 inch tape in hair extension?

Step 1

Use natural oil for zero damage.

06 28 Inch Tape In Hair Extension

To get rid of tape in hair extensions, the popular way many people apply is to use a kind of remover. If you don’t have any remover, you can do it the natural way by using hair oils as an alternative. Instead of using chemically based products, you may opt for natural oils which are healthy for your strands. You may use any of these: coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or baby oil. Apply it at the roots and let it sit for at least 15 minutes to let the oil seep through the bonds. The oil breaks the tape bonds which helps you to easily detach the tape wefts from your mane. However, using oil could take longer to entirely remove the product and all residues rather than using a regular remover. It takes about an hour to complete the removal process.

Step 2

Wiggle the hair extension to see if it moves.

07 28 Inch Tape In Hair Extension

Gentle pull on the part of the hair extension that is closest to the tape. Wiggle it lightly, but be careful not to tug on it too much as you could damage your hair and your extension.

Step 3

Peel away the tape gently when it can be easily lifted off.

Use your finger to peel the tape from your natural hair. Work on only one piece of tape at a time, rather than trying to remove multiple hair extensions at once. This ensures that your natural hair doesn’t get damaged.

Lastly, it is necessary for you to wash and condition your hair in order to get rid of all residue on your hair. It is unavoidable that there is still residue left when you had removed all your extensions. These remains, along with hair extensions remover, will definitely make your hair oily and sticky, giving you an uncomfortable feeling, right? That is the reason why you had better wash your hair out again as well as condition it.

More information about Apohair

On the market nowadays, there are two main types of tape-in: human and synthetic tape in hair extension. But in Apohair, we only supply Vietnamese human hair with high quality. We also supply and design 28 inch tape in hair with many different textures. Many shades of colors are available for you to choose such as: black, dark brown, blonde, ombre or you can mix colors depend on what your heart desires. Not just 28 inch, we supply tape in hair extensions with a wide range of lengths from 6 inch to 32 inch.

So feel free to contact us anytime you have question about our products!

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