Dream up your first ever wig with these 360 lace closure

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More and more people are discovering the magic of 360 lace closure these days. And I’m sure most of you are familiar with them if you are a big fan of wigs and hair extensions. 360 lace closure also provides an amazing ability to create a natural look and you can pull off all sorts of styling. Choose 360 lace closure also means that your bundles and extensions look natural and identical to your own hair.

You can wear only one 360 lace frontal closure and install it within one hour. There are various methods of installing 360 lace closure. In this article, we will make sure all the steps involved are crystal-clear.

As versatile as it gets

360 lace closure are a very versatile types of hair extension. They can be sewed in, glued or taped in easily. These closures works well with elastic band and even pins to create the perfect fit. You can rock these bad boys alone (to go for a cute ponytail look) or you can use them as clousure for sewn-in hair.

360 frontal closure cut down the time of installation significantly and that’s why we recommend them to people who are just starting out. Pair them with some hair weft and you will be sure to get a very full and luxious look. I find these yaki straight virgin hair bundles from this Vietnamese supplier to be really helpful for my latest project with 360 closure.

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Step-by-step instructions for your 360 lace closure bundle

Gather up all your equipment

Now if you are new to all this, we strongly suggest you have somebody help you out. Having an extra pair of hands and eyes will help you tremendously and ensure the final results are dazzling. Besides an experienced friend or a hairstylist, you also need these pieces of equipment:

  •         360 lace frontal closure and hair bundles
  •         Bonding Glue, Hair thread, and wig tape
  •         For sewing the hair, you will need some C-Shaped needle
  •         Weaving net cap
  •         For trimming the lace, get your scissors ready
  •         Products and tools for styling hair.

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Basic (but not to be overlooked) prepping

Before you install any natural hair weaves, we want to make sure you got the basic down. Prepare both of your natural hair and your extensions. Do all these necessary steps to your real hair as you saw fit: washing, conditioning, trimming. 

With your wigs, remember to start plucking away to create the hairlines of your 360 frontal. This might also be a good time to trim away the excess lace from the back of the piece. 

Start putting a cap on to construct your wig.

Style your natural hair in either plaits or cornrow before putting on your wig caps. Use the C-shaped needle and the thread to sew the two wig caps together using big stitches that go around the head. Start cutting away the excess part of the cap. 

Choosing and putting on a wig cap should be a pretty straightforward process. But if there is still any confusion, be sure to check out this guide on how to pick out the most suitable cap and how to put the on effortlessly.

360 Lace Closure 3

Focus on the right placement

 Start putting on your 360 lace closure.  Carefully placed the closure along your hairlines for the most natural looks, make sure excess hair is out of the way. You can also utilize pins to achieve this. Once you are confident with the placement of your closure, start securing it by sewing it down to 3 to 5 anchor points.

Add the finishing touch at the top       

Start finishing your wig by taking care of the top part.. Glue down hair wefts as you go around the circular cap,starting from the bottom of the top cap. Calculate the length of the track that will be used befor you attatch the weft. This will ensure the correct length and right number of weft being used. Remember to spritz some water beforehand if you are inclined to. 

Once you are done with the weft track, trim off all the excess lace at the front. Now would also be the time to apply lace adhesive to secure your frontal. 

360 Lace Closure 2

A word of warning

Lace adhesive’s full power can only last for about 4-5 days. That is why we recommend you to maintain these glue regularly. Glue can also cause irritation so by all mean you should be careful and knows your skin well. If you oft to go down the ‘elastic band’ path, these can cause headaches in the long run to certain individuals.

I know you will be so pumped to wear your new wigs when you get to hang out with your girlfriends. Don’t forget that you can add a bit of extra something by focusing on the styling after you are done with installing. Here are some of the bohemian looks that I totally dig. 

Without any hesitation, I can safely say that 360 circular closure is the best option when it comes to ponytail looks and is perfect for any newbies. Those steps above that I listed out should not be too tricky for you. You will gain more confidence once you actually experiecne the whole wig-creating process. 

Reach out to me by the contact form if you are still unsure about any steps within this guide. I will be very happy if I can help you and give you some further consultation.


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