Does Nicki Minaj without makeup look different?

01 Nicki Minaj No Makeup

Nicki Minaj is a rapper, singer, song composer, model and actress. She became famous after releasing her songs “Party is over”, “Sucka free” and “Beam me up Scotty”. Nicki Minaj has honored to receive many awards and nominations of prestigious music charts and awards. Besides her music, Nicki Minaj is also well-known for her colorful costumes and wigs and full makeup. This concept of Nicki Minaj attaches to her and many people may not know her face without makeup. Therefore, they often stun when they see Nicki Minaj with her bare face. Let see the following of Nicki Minaj no makeup to see how the talented singer looks like when she goes makeup-free.

Selfie in her car

02 Nicki Minaj No Makeup

No blonde wig, no lipsticks and foundation, Nicki Minaj comfortably took a selfie while sitting in her car. If you think Nicki Minaj is only stunning on her stages, red carpets or events, you will have another thought after seeing this photo. She still shines with the celebrity vibe, classy and beautiful. Her flawless skin is just to fall for.

Naughty in front of the camera

03 Nicki Minaj No Makeup

We normally see a strong and sassy rapper in her performance that we forget Nicki Minaj also has a cute and naughty moment like this. Her face showed a bubby expression that makes her look like a kid. Besides, at this side look, we can see her lovely dimple clearly. Even though her face had no stitch of makeup, Nicki Minaj can still make people admire of her natural beauty.

Before the makeup session

04 Nicki Minaj No Makeup

To prepare for a makeup, Nicki Minaj needs to let her face totally free from makeup. Yet, she did not hesitate to take a selfie and showed it to the fans. Nicki Minaj is among the few successful female rappers. She was born to make big things as she always has the gut to do waht she dreams of. Her beauty comes greatly from her true self.

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Girl in pink

05 Nicki Minaj No Makeup

Instead of a colorful wig and bold makeup, Nicki Minaj appeared on a street wearing a pink sweater and a pair of sunglasses. She looked relaxing with her phone on hand and focused on reading. Her hair was tied into a high ponytail, which showed off her pretty facial shape. Without any layer of makeup, she is still a gorgeous girl.

Nicki Minaj no makeup go casual

06 Nicki Minaj No Makeup

Nicki Minaj was spotted on a street. She was on her way to somewhere in a simple yet sporty red outfit. Although she was wearing no makeup and casual outfit, Nicki Minaj did not hesitate to greet her fans and shook hands with them. Her long and black hair was also let naturally With this concept in her daily life, Nicki Minaj looks like a friendly girl next door. The bright smile on the face of the super rapper makes her look cute and cheerful. It’s a different side of Nicki Minaj when she’s off stage.

Performing without makeup 

07 Nicki Minaj No Makeup

We always see Nicki Minaj on her performances with full makeup and fancy outfit for her rap songs. However, there was a rare time when she stood on her stage with totally no makeup. She was wearing warm clothes and smiled vibrantly. We know another girl with her powerful raps, but seeing her performing like this is really fascinating. 

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Nicki Minaj no makeup maybe not as glamorous as her chic and special style on her excellent stages. However, her beauty and strong image cannot be covered by the layers of cosmetic products. The things she has done and the effort she has made to make her career is what inspire people and make them love and follow her.

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