Different types of curly pattern to define your style

01 Curl Types

If you fall in love with curly hairstyles, it’s important to know about the different curl types to choose a suitable one. And that also helps you to select the proper treatments, hair care products, and styling techniques for your curls. So today, let learn more about the types of curly texture before you go to a hair salon and have your hair done.

There are three main types of curl, namely wavy, curly, and coily (Type 2, type 3 and type 4 respectively). These three curl types are followed by their subtypes which are determined by the shape and diameter of the curl. However, please note that curly hairstyles are varied. Your curls may fall into more than one category, but it’s normal since no curl is the same and the nature of one’s hair is different from each other.

Type 2: Wavy

02 Curl Types

Wavy hair is a light bouncy hairstyle that lies between straight and curly hair. Generally, type 2 is pretty straight when it’s wet. Yet, once it’s dry, it looks totally different. There are three subcategories of type 2.  Type 2a has a little volume with the tresses look like beachy waves. The wavy locks fall into a “C” shape when completely dry while 2b and 2c types twist into an “S” shape and are more prone to frizz.

2b waves are more defined than 2a, but it starts a few inches down from the root with light volume. Meanwhile, 2c waves begin right at the root and form a more define “S” shape than 2b. It has more body and volume and is often mixed with some true curls.

Type 2 is normally less sheen and easier to tangled than straight hair; therefore, it’s better to apply some light hydration to the wavy hair strands. But it’s not a good idea to use a heavy leave-in conditioner as it will straighten the waves.

Type 3: Curly

03 Curl Types

With type 3, the curly locks twisting together in a spiral shape forming ringlets. It has a more curly definition than type 2 and easier to style and blow-dry. Type 3 hair is also divided into 3 subcategories which all form a definite “S” shape even when it’s wet or dry. The difference between these 3 types is the size of the curl.

Type 3a curls look quite similar to a corkscrew. The diameter is about 1- 1½”. Whereas, 3b hair has springy ringlets with the size of an index finger. The diameter of 3b is about ½, and it has more volume than type 3a. 3c curls are the most defined in the section. The locks are very tiny, just the size of a drinking straw, about ¼” and smaller.

Type 3 is normally dry after styling, and it’s hard for the natural oil from the root to go through the spirals. Hence, you should apply frequent deep conditioning to make the hair soft and silky.

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Type 4: Coily

04 Curl Types

Type 4 hair is common among African-American women. The curls are coiled in the “S” shape to a “Z” shaped kinky texture. There are also 3 subgroups of type 4. Type 4a hair is the tightly coiled “S” shape with the size of a knitting needle while 4b type is like a spring of a ballpoint pen. It’s tighter than 4a and looks like a zigzag with the curls bending in an angle like a “Z”. 4c type is the tightest curl pattern. The curls in type 4c are also in “Z” shape like 4b, but they are tighter and denser.

Overall, type 4 is more fragile although they may look strong. The hair tends to stand up rather than swing or fall off. Since type 4 hair is vulnerable to damage, tangle, and dryness, you must apply moisturizing products that contain nutritious oils, and deep conditioning treatments frequently to bring a healthy look to your hair.

If you want to try one of the above hair curl types but afraid of harming your natural hair, you can try a curly wig to obtain the classy bouncy look. And APOHAIR is a prestigious wig supplier where you can find marvelous curly wigs and hair bundles. 

Above are the key info about curl types to help you determine your hairstyle and have proper care for it. Thank you for reading.


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