Ariana Grande is an American singer who is famous for her incredible voice. The name “Ariana Grande” reminds the audience of the image of a singer with a super high ponytail.

Ariana Grande started to be associated with high ponytails in 2014. She said that she had to bleach then dye her natural hair red when she was in the film “Victorious” from 2010 to 2013.

As a result, her hair was so damaged that she had to decide to wear wigs or hair extensions to be confident when appearing in front of the public. Since then, she has been usually seen to put the clip-in hair extensions to get a high ponytail at the top of her head.

Not only does the super high ponytail help to cover her damaged natural hair but it also adds thickness to her hair.

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The process of doing a high ponytail like the one of Ariana Grande is quite simple. All of her hair is pulled back and tied tightly into a super high ponytail. To hide the hair tie, you just need to take a thin strand of your hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. You can use bobby pins to secure it.

It can be said that the super high ponytail is very suitable for Ariana Grande as it makes her face look slimmer and a little bit longer. Delicate parts of her face are completely exposed. In addition, it shows her youthful, energetic and dynamic style.

High ponytail is one of the most important things which make the audience think of her as a high school student.

To avoid boredom and monotonousness, Ariana transforms herself with different styles of high ponytail.


Drawstring straight ponytail


Drawstring straight ponytail is a quite simple hairstyle. Without bangs, her face is unveiled completely. That the very long straight ponytail wig trails down her back makes her look so attractive and strong.


High ponytail with curly ends

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As can be seen, a high ponytail with curly ends helps to add volume and thickness to the hair. It cannot be denied that she looks so beautiful with this tail.


High ponytail with blunt bangs

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The pop star elevates her signature high ponytail by opting for blunt bangs. Thanks to the harmonious combination of high ponytail and blunt bangs, she seems to be much younger than her actual age.


High ponytail with side-swept bangs

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The combination of side-swept bangs and curly ponytail extensions plays an extremely important role in bringing her a tender look. High ponytail with side-swept bangs can be called as a cute hairstyle because it makes Ariana look like a graceful princess.

High ponytail with braids

Super high ponytail combines with some braids effectively to shape her strong personality. The 25-year-old singer looks so cool with this hairstyle.

If you want to make your own mark just like what Ariana Grande has already made, we are able to help you. Let’s try our hair extensions to achieve what you expect.


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