How to deal with your old hair extensions?

How To Deal With Your Old Hair Extensions
How To Deal With Your Old Hair Extensions

What do you think when talking about hair extensions? A hair trend amongst women? Or effective hair beauty tools?

It is all right. Thanks to hair extensions’ amazing benefits, they are used to enhance women’s look. With the high quality virgin hair extensions, you can use them over a year if you keep them in proper care.

However, what will happen if your hair extensions are not cared well? It will become dry, frizzy, messy and matted. It is a pity if you throw them away. Being virgin hair extensions, they can be saved. Here are some tips to revive your old Vietnam hair extensions

No. 1: A regular trim is necessary

How To Deal With Your Old Hair Extensions

Having origin from human hair, virgin hair extensions also need regular care. Otherwise, they are easy to be damaged by the effect of heat appliances and chemicals in the process of styling. That is the reason why the tips can be dry and matted. Therefore, a trim is necessary to revive your extensions. It is suggested to trim your tips every eight to twelve weeks. This way help you get rid of damaged tips and retain their quality.

No. 2: Hair treatment is savior for your hair extensions

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This is an important step in hair care routine. As your hair extensions do not attach the scalp, they do not receive nourishment and moisture. Therefore, you need to provide them in another way. It is hair treatment. There is a note that you have to be careful in choosing hair treatment. It should be natural; otherwise, chemicals from unnatural one is bad for your hair.

To apply treatment for your hair, you start to coat your hair with treatment from the mid lengths to the ends, avoid the roots. It is better if you leave the treatment soak overnight. To get the best result, you soak your extensions in treatment as long as possible.

Step 3: It is vital to wash your hair extensions

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Being made from human hair, hair extensions can be washed as the way you wash your own hair. Combining applying hair treatment and washing hair, you will find your extensions softer, smoother and healthier.

Knowing these tips to taking care of hair, your extensions will be always in good condition. To reuse them in a long time, you have to take care of them well. It is the fact that there are many hair extensions brands all over the world.

How can you find the best one? In the purposing of helping people find good extensions, Apohair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand is introduced. Many women find Apohair as a hair beauty tool. You can wonder why Vietnam hair extensions can be popular like that. It is due to their natural features with amazing benefits.

Applying Vietnam hair extensions, you can have long hair without waiting your own hair to grow, you can change your hairstyle everyday, you can color it as every way you want. Many hair types such as tape hair, clip in hair, etc. are always ready to boost your hair look.


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