Curly hairstyles – The go-to choices this year for all parties and special events

Curly Hairstyles

Are you still looking for feminine magic and a gorgeous look? A new hairstyle that can seem effortless yet glamorous? If that is your problem, curly hairstyles are the perfect choice. Whether your hair is short, long, brown, dark brown or you even want some highlights, I can assure you that curly hairstyles can work for you. Curly hairstyles are becoming the go-to choices this year (and let’s be real, every year) for all the parties and special events.

Dark brown curly hairstyles

Coiled Curls with Side Fringe

Long curly hairstyles can look great when they are paired with a side bang or fringe. In this appearance, the gorgeous dark brown, tightly coiled locks are slightly layered, with a longer side bang that hits the chin. If you want more, you could achieve a similar effect by twisting the hair first, and threading it through a tiny curling iron.

Fresh Morning Long Curly Hair

We can’t deny that these larger coiled curls are so sexy and warm. It has a great darker take on long curly hairstyles, with just a hint of blonde balayage over dark brown curls. You can achieve this look by curling the hair vertically, on a larger curling iron.

Dynamic Espresso and Brass Curls

Believe me, these clean long curls will add a ton of volume and texture to this hairstyle, yet still manage to retain their sleekness. The lovely dark brown hair of this hairstyle is complemented with a few streaks of brass that add even more dimension.

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Long brown curly hairstyles

Long Curly Brown Hair

Semi Pulled Back Long Curls with Sombre

This hairstyle with lovely warm toned sombre of brown and blonde is a little messy, and shows how great long hairstyles for curly hair work, when you pull back just your hair at the crown. Remember to below it the hair hangs in a cascade of waves and curls.

4-Strand Crown Braid

This look is another example of a crown braid elevating long curly hairstyles. The 4-strand braid is a nice change of pace, and the clean golden brown curls are simply darling, especially when they are paired with that cute pink bow.

Braided Side Flower with Balayage

Long curly hairstyles are soft and romantic, so they blend perfectly with all kinds of braids. This side flower braid is so cool, especially considering how the blonde and brown balayage gradient shows up in it.

Long Brown Curly Hairstyles

Just like the black curls, long curly hairstyles with dark brown locks also look fabulous. Similar to their onyx cousin, the deep chocolate curls are also extremely versatile, so no problems when matching them to your style.

Curly hairstyles with highlights

Curly Hairstyles with Highlights

Rose Gold Hair Highlights

It’s not hard to realize that a trendy and very stylish and fashionable hair color that is most usually used as a highlighting color is the rose gold. The combination of gold and rose tones easily gives a nice contrast to any dark hair, especially when you are accenting the shine and the rose and red undertones. When your hair are done as curly hair highlights, they themselves present in a wonderful rose light and the shine illuminates your whole hairstyle.

Bronze Highlights

Many experiences have indicated that bronze highlights go well on brown hair. Bronze and its brownish and golden undertones complement every brown shade which brings it more to life and making it natural. These side part curls with bronze highlights are present all over the hairstyle, some hidden among the other curls. They gradually give a lighter effect on the curly hairstyle with highlights.

Lavender highlights

Adding some color to your curls can be easily done with a pop of pink. The blush of this look is hidden as an undertone in the lavender grey hair color. This highlight actually makes the curls brighter and more vibrant. Even though we are talking about pink shade here, the final result still looks so natural.

We hope that after reading this post, you will find out a great hairstyles for your curly hair. Don’t forget to follow our website for more beauty tips, news and how-to guides.


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