Colored hair extensions – Brighten up your summer with vibrant colors

01 Colored Hair Extensions

In the summer, girls often love youthful and vibrant styles for their summer trips and joyous outdoor activities. They tend to dye their hair with bright hues to look outstanding. Yet, after dying and bleaching, it takes quite a lot of time to take care of the hair and maybe you will be weary of those complicated hair care processes. If you want a brilliant look for this summer without worrying about damaging your natural hair, the answer is using colored hair extensions. Let it brighten up your memorable summer with lively colors.

What are the great benefits of colored hair extensions?

Today, more and more young people love using colored hair extensions. The benefits it brings to users are the reason why people fall for it.

Firstly, colored hair extensions are specially designed for cheerful events such as parties, dances, Christmas, Halloween and festivals. Colored hair extensions are now available with up to 20 colors, which allows users to mix and create various styles. Each strip of color you use will present your own personality and helps you to stand out in any place you go.

02 Colored Hair Extensions

Besides, colored hair extensions are a marvelous choice for girls who love bright hair colors. You won’t have to sit for hour and hour at a hair salon for bleaching and dying. All you need to do is using clip in colored hair extensions and you will have a total brand-new look after several minutes.

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More importantly, with this hair extension, your natural have can also have a summer vacation from chemical exposure. It’s an ideal solution for recovering damaged hair.

Is it the right choice to use colored human hair extensions?

Colored hair extensions, regardless of synthetic or human hair, generally don’t cost too much unlike other types of hair extensions. Colored human hair extensions are often softer, more durable and look more natural. Therefore, if you want the best hairstyle and reuse the hair extensions for a long time, colored human hair extensions should be put on your wish list.

03 Colored Hair Extensions

What type of colored hair extensions should we use?

The most common types of colored hair extensions in the market now are tape in and clip in. Both of them are easy to install on your hair, but colored clip in hair extensions is more flexible. You can apply remove colored clip in hair extensions easily to change your style suitable for each event you join within the same day. Tape in type is slightly more difficult to apply and remove. You will need to do it carefully to prevent the tape from breaking your natural hair.

How to put in colored hair extensions yourself?

The installation of colored hair extensions does not require much effort even if you are new to hair extensions. With clip in colored hair extensions, things are even easier.  

04 Colored Hair Extensions

For clip in colored hair extensions, all you need to do are dividing your hair into smaller sections and putting a clip to hold the root of a hair section. Do the same with the remaining sections of hair and now you have a new lovely colorful hairstyle. Simple enough!

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Summer comes with breath of bright sunlight. And changing your style with vibrant hues will bring you with new energy to deal with everything and enjoy your life fully. We hope that you can shine up yourself brilliantly with colored hair extensions in this summer. It’s time to rock!


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