Bangs Hairstyle
Bangs Hairstyle

To women in modern life, their mission is not only successful career but also beautiful appearance. In the effort of boosting appearance, women take care of their face, body and hair as well. It can be said that hairstyle plays an important role in enhancing your look.

That is why many people apply gorgeous hairstyle associating with hair extensions to be stunning. By beautiful and suitable hairstyles, you can be glamorous just with your casual style. Now, let’s see how you can boost your casual style with below fabulous hairstyle.

Side-swept waves hairstyle

Waves Hairstyle

With this simple but gorgeous hairstyle, your casual style can look amazing. To have such beautiful hair, you leave your tousled waves loose for a fresh look that packs in lots of texture and bounce. Moreover, the side-swept bang can frame your face well.

Choppy bob with bangs hairstyle

Bangs Hairstyle

You also can boost your casual style with this choppy bob with bangs. Just like Taylor Swift’s look. With her blonde hair, the choppy bob and subtle bangs create her sophisticated hairstyle. To have this style, you twist sections of your bob around a curling wand for loose waves. Then, finish off the look by spritzing a maximum strength hairspray to keep your waves in place.

Messy high ponytail hairstyle

You can look not only stunning but also young with this messy high ponytail. If you are interested in this style, you just need to gather your hair at the top and secure it with hair ties without causing any damage. To add more beauty to your hair look, you can use some 24 inches hair extensions for help. They will make your hair more fabulous.

Ponytail Hairstyle

Braided bun hairstyle

Bun Hairstyle

This hairstyle is not only great for your casual style but also work well for girls’ night out or your prom night as the braided bun is chic, classy and super-trendy. If you like this look, start by creating a simple braid and drape it over your head. Then, secure the braids with transparent pins to create a crown and mist with a hairspray. It is easy to have such amazing look.

High bun hairstyle

Bun is never out of fashion as it makes you look young and active. This hairstyle is ideal for medium hair and long hair; however, you also can apply hair extensions for more length. To copy this look, you need to grab your hair to the top of the head and coil it into a topknot. You can use some hairspray to keep your hair in place.

Above are 5 gorgeous hairstyles that you can apply to enhance your hair look and casual style. Associating with suitable make-up and outfit, you can look stunning and attract everyone’s attention. Also, you can use hair extensions to support your hair look. Amongst many extensions brand all over the world, it is rather difficult to find a reliable brand. We recommend Apohair –Vietnamese hair extension brand which has many year experience in supplying high quality extensions products to many countries. With Apohair’s quality and variety of product, you can be spoilt for choice.


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