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When you really want to make an appearance or stand out in a crowd, short hair is a perfect go-to in this term. All of the short hair is perfect for an everyday hairdo and a few curls added can keep you always looking fun and strong.  Owning the short hair, you can be confident to go out or take part in some event.

With the short, it’s easy to manage and carry for various purposes. In these busy days, you need very few times to style hair on a regular basis. In this case, the short hair is easy to manage, and you need to invest short time to style them. This short hairstyle looks great for various purposes.


A perfect stylish short haircut never goes wrong on anymore as long as you have the confidence to try it. This sweet and simple razor cut textured hair would leave you looking fresh and edgy with any outfit you wear. In this hair, you can’t spend much more time to make it. About the 5 or 10 minutes, the hair will dry after washing. With the black hair, you can dye it into what color you want, or attach the best accessories to make it more wonderful.

The blonde layer is the combination of bob hairstyle can make your thin hair look amazing and great. Moreover, you can make your straight and shirt hair stunning in this hairstyle. The hairstyle up to your shoulder is gorgeous. It makes your face round shaped and prominent and elegant in this hair. The layers on the short, thin hair look amazing also. A lot of people own this hair; they want to change the style to become younger.

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If you want to look different with your straight and thin hair, then the short straight bob with blunt ends is the best choice. This hairstyle with the combination of blunt ends and bob haircut will make remarkably different and prominent in the crowd, or in the event. The sharp edges of the hair above your shoulder make you look quite gorgeous and make the difference. You can change it to make your image new.

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When you want a messy look at your thin and straight hair, then you can opt for the combination of blunt bob with messy bangs. In this style, you are not only the difference but also unique and prominent.

Although the hair is straight, it is not natural, but it is the highlight of a face, creating sharp lines. You look so modern in the sharp and straight edges of the hair up to the shoulder.

It will ends above the shoulder at the back of your head when you use this hair. In the front, side-swept hair goes up to your eyebrows and makes your appearance prominent in the gathering. With light brown hair, combined with appropriate eye color and lip color, you will be charming and elegant in this hair.

APOHAIR, we supply hair extension, with long hair and medium hair, we supply short hair from 6 inches to 14 inches (shoulder length hair). Being human hair, you can free to make the style that you want. We supply the best hair for you!


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