Best photos of rapper Iggy Azalea without makeup

01 Iggy Azalea No Makeup

The Australia rapper, singer, model, songwriter, and MV director, Iggy Azalea, has made a statement for her name since 2011 with two hits booming on Youtube. The young rapper then built a glorious career with many top hits on Billboard, 48 million records worldwide, with 22 million singles in the United States and 3.2 billion views for her MV on her official Youtube channel. Besides her remarkable achievements throughout the years, Iggy Azalea is also known for her fashion side. So today, we will discuss some photos of Iggy Azalea no makeup to see how the singer looks like in her daily life. A small hint, she’s still alluring.

Iggy Azalea’s airport fashion

02 Iggy Azalea No Makeup

The rapper was seen at the airport preparing for her fight with no layer of makeup on her face. She even tied all her hair up, which showed her bare face clearly. Her fair and flawless skin became more prominent in her black outfit. Wearing a black jacket and pants, Iggy Azalea looked really cool with the sunglasses placed into her head. With Iggy Azalea, no makeup, no matter.

Warm herself

03 Iggy Azalea No Makeup

You may be familiar with her bold makeup and special outfit on performances, but when she walks out of the light of the stage, she looked quite different. And this photo of Iggy Azalea strongly proves that. She was standing outside in a winter day and tried to keep herself warm. The sunlight flashing on her blonde hair made her look as glowing as on her stages. This graceful girl really has the power to shine in any circumstance.

The sporty girl without makeup

04 Iggy Azalea No Makeup

Iggy Azalea transformed into a sporty girl with a black T-shirt and Nike shorts. Maybe she was heading for her gym session. No foundation, no mascara, and no lipsticks, but Iggy Azalea still rock her look. Iggy Azalea has never been afraid of receiving negative comments for her real look. It is not just because of her natural beauty. She is always confident in anything she does and tends to look for the positive side. Being a celebrity, being hated is an inevitable matter, and Iggy Azalea is strong enough to overcome it.

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Going shopping

05 Iggy Azalea No Makeup

Iggy Azalea was spotted stepping out of a supermarket after buying some stuff. The famous rapper loves to go low profile when she enjoys her daily life, and this time she was dressing in a casual outfit and wore sunglasses to hide her face. Her hair was put into a high lovely bun that made her looked really cute. Even though Iggy Azalea shook off all her makeup layers, she was still as stunning as nature.

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A summer girl

06 Iggy Azalea No Makeup

Being a superstar, Iggy Azalea knows that she is always under the eyes of the paparazzi and the public. However, that is not a concern for this girl. With a simple outfit and no trace of makeup on her face, Iggy Azalea pulled off her look in LA with her natural beauty.

Iggy Azalea no makeup moments are where you can her natural beauty. Iggy Azalea loves to show her real look when she is off stage even when eyes are on her. It’s simply because you can’t hide your real image for eternal, so just be confident and show off your beauty. And how about you? Do you want to follow her? If so, let keep updated on APOHAIR’s online store for more brilliant hair bundles to play up your appearance. Thank you for reading.


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