Best Hairstyles using Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are becoming a very important stuff to girls nowadays because no one can deny their effects. As the market give you many choices, it’s hard for you to choose a high quality one. You should have a thought about Remy hair extensions because they are made of real human hair so that you can do whatever you like to them as you do to your natural hair.


With Remy hair extensions, you can completely cut, dye, curl or straighten them. Apohair Extensions are very proud to bring to you high quality Remy hair extensions to help you achieve the best look of your hair. So whether you’re ready for hair extensions or not, let’s a look through these hairstyles to get more gorgeous hairstyle ideas.

  1. Glamorous Ponytail

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You may consider ponytail as a simple hairstyle. However, anything can become trendy if you know how to combine it with accessories like big earing to make ponytail a higher level. Ponytail is suitable for both formal and informal occasions such as weddings, dinners or outside parties. All you have to do is just pull all your natural hair together even with a rubber. To achieve a better look you should use hair extensions because this hairstyle require a lot of volume.

  1. Thin Braids

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This is such a simple but yet still special for busy girls to have it like everyday style. Just need to braid your natural hair to thin braids like this and you have highlights to be ready to go out. Thin braids can also be used as head bands, so you don’t need accessories because you can completely make it yourself.

  1. Up-do Hairstyle

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Up-do hairstyle are usually formal but still amazing. Some up-do hairstyles will be fancy if you leave some strands out to frame your face a little bit. Messy updos often look elegant and girly. Using hair extensions in this hairstyle can help add the volume to your natural hair. 

  1. Wavy hairstyles

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You may not notice but almost all bridges on their wedding days uses hair extensions for sure. But for all the girls who want to beautify themselves can still try using daily. Just by clipping in some weft hair to get the volume you want, your hair will look stunning and fancy in both real life or on the photos. You will look like a real princess.

  1. Two buns

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Buns nowadays is not a traditional hairstyle among Vietnamese women no more. It has already become trendy and be owns by many creative girls. Two buns make you look cool and youthful. Your natural hair are completely ready for this hairstyle but if you want your hair to be more voluminous, you can use hair extensions.

Do you give much love for hair extensions? If you do, our Hair Extensions company- Apohair is may be one of the things you want to hear about. We have 25 years of experience in hair industry and we are very proud to bring to your high quality Remy hair extensions which is made out of real Vietnamese human hair. Our hair products are used and suggested by many people and they can help you improve your hair look in an extremely positive way.


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