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Natural bristle comb is the best thing that you can opt for because it is perfect to stimulate and massage the scalp which helps your hair follicle to obtain more nutrients and vitamins. The article today is going to discuss the benefits of using wooden brush

Benefits Of Using Wooden Brush For Your Hair

  1. Stimulates hair follicles

As mentioned earlier, brushing hair with wooden bristles like massaging fingers on the scalp to stimulate the blood circulation. As a result, it also promotes the hair growth, make it shiny and healthy. Besides, combing hair with a wooden brush that can help to de-stress and release tension, particularly after a busy working day.

  1. Makes your hair grow faster and thicker

The massaging effect also boosts scalp circulation, bringing amazing nutrients to the hair roots which results in making your hair grow faster and thicker.

  1. Stops Hair Breakage

Unlike plastic combs or brushes, natural wooden bristles are easy, soft on your natural hair without making any pull out or tension. At the same time, wooden bristles are designed with wide teeth that facilitate the brush to run through your hair more easily compared to other types of comb.

  1. Naturally Conditions hair

Moisture can be considered as one of the best factor which directly affects your hair’s health. Besides using essential oils, conditioner, wooden bristles are also a great hair tool in term of distributing natural oils from your scalp all the way down to the ends. The best thing about it is that natural oils on your scalp will be evenly nourish your entire hair, not just the scalp which prevent greasy condition and also keep your hair soft and healthy. Nothing is better than oils naturally produced by your scalp.

  1. Helps with Dandruff and Sensitive Scalp 

Unlike the plastic or metal combs/brushes, the wooden tips won’t scratch your scalp. So it will be a bliss to your sensitive scalp if you have one. At the same times, by some ways, this kind of brush also does an amazing job in helping with dandruff, particularly if your dandruff is caused by dry scalp. It helps because when you brush your hair, it appears to be a gentle massage which promotes oil production and remove dandruff. Plus, it will also get rid of dead cells and flakes deposited on your scalp.

  1. Prevents Static and Flyaways

Wood has a neutral charge, hence static is almost negligible. Unlike plastic combs, natural wooden bristles will not build any electric charge. You can brushing your hair, even in the morning winter without worrying that your hair can go wildly static.

  1. Environmental Friendly

Another important thing is that wooden brushes do not harm the environment because they are natural materials that can be decomposed easily. As for plastic combs, it will definitely takes a long period of time to decompose. Just take a nylon bag as an example then you can imagine how harmful it is when it comes to plastic material.


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