The beautiful short hair of Korean stars

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Short hair not only refreshes but also brings youthful beauty. A series of Korean stars are constantly cut down hair with the hottest short hair styles today. Let’s take this trend together with the beautiful famous femal stars of the land of the Kimchi land.

T-ara’s angel with her sweet beauty and soft long hair now has a new style which is extremely seductive short hair. This short hairstyle is quite familiar, but slightly adapted by Jiyeon, which made her show off the smooth lines on her face. This hairstyle will be one of the beauty choices for every girl.


Jiyeon charmed with short hair

Following the trend, multi-talented singer IU also selects a short hair suitable for her face. A deep brown hair color and slight ripples in the tail really helps IU change her style. Light curls will give your hair extra thickening for thin-headed girlfriends. If you have some problems such as hair loss, you can use hair extensions to make it look thicker like IU’s hair

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IU cut short pretty hair

Having delicate face with the high nose, Seo Hyun Jin chooses short hair which can match her face. This is a short Korean hairstyle is very popular with many girlfriends, especially suitable for long slender face like the famous actress. Girlfriend can dye brown hair, cinnamon or reddish brown, chocolate with light makeup. That will definitely be cute and fresh. If you don’t want to damage your natural hair because of using dye, let choose beautiful colorful hair extensions as an alternative to preserve your natural one.

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Seo Hyun Jin with short hair bobbing

Go Joon Hee is always faithful to the short hair style to help her always have confidence and dynamic style. Go Joon Hee’s short hair style is a very popular hairstyle in the summer. With natural makeup style and impressive hair, Go Joon Hee has always receives a lot of love from her fans.

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Go Joon Hee – short hair girl

Let’s become sweet girls with short hair style like actress Kim Ji Won. Do you remember the beauty of the soldier in the movie Descendant of the Sun? It is this natural hair style that helps Kim Ji Won to have a great role. This is a beautiful short hairstyle for girls with round face to create beauty, naive more.

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Kim Ji Won short sweet hair

The mischievous maknae of the famous Girl’s Day chooses for her youthful style with short hair. An impressive blonde hair highlights her pretty face. This hair color should only be used if you have a bright white skin. If you do not like the eye-catching yellow, you can choose some lighter shades like smoky or green moss.

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Miss Hyeri mischievous

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Taeyeon with curly hair

Taeyeon has never disappointed her fans with her style, her short curly hair and her light gray haired hair are so noticeable. This short hairstyle brings freshness and beauty to SNSD’s talented singer.


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