September is around the corner, and then you must come back to school, you prepare many things for an upcoming year,  so we,  APOHAIR, hope to bring for you the best and new back to school hairstyles that all girls could make it easy and be confident to school. Besides, you can combine with some accessories or hair extension to add more volume and length to make the hairstyles stand out more.

If you’re in elementary or high school or are heading off the college, the back-to-school hairstyles are very necessary. And with some styles perfect for short, medium and long hair, you’re sure to find gorgeous look just for you!

 Loose Beach Waves


What a super gorgeous Back to School hair! Actually, there are plenty of ways to customize it to your liking. Loose beach waves add the volume and fabulous for you. You can curl your hair the night before for a more waves look or make it before school in the morning to have an elegant look. In that picture, that girl uses clip-in for added volume and length more.

Double blonde ponytail

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With the short hair, you can create into so many styles for your hair, the simple hairstyles you can make before going to school, and you can put your hair into a ponytail. When you own a short hair, you can let the hair naturally, or you can pull it like a ponytail, and then will have your short pieces fall out at the bottom. You look very strong in this style and have a lot of power to start a new school day with a ponytail without the use of hair extensions!

Clip in hair extension

1 2

Before going to school, you must prepare a lot of things, with the set of clip in hair extensions makes your hairstyles more complicated, but it’s very easy and quick to apply it clip a set of hair extensions in and achieve length and volume instantly will be a beautiful hair school. Best of all, if you own medium hair or short hair, hair extensions are the perfect solution to getting long hair and being able to create the easy hairstyles that you want as below.

Topsy tail braid

1 3

This style is very easy and not much time to make it. You will have a suggestion to change your style in school. You can combine it with small accessories to make the hair look amazing. You can use a little bit hair in front and make it into wavy or curly. With the beautiful hair, you can be confident to enjoy school whole day.

This is such a great time to back to school; you can create many hairstyles each day comfortably. You will make it for long hair, medium hair even short hair. Each type of hair, it will have many different styles to make it. Perhaps it will be bored at school, but your hair doesn’t have to be. You can use some cute back to school hair above to for starting a new year. It is very easy and quick to create it before going to school.


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