Action tips: How to make a lace closure look as natural as possible?

01 Closure

If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair and are searching for a protective hairstyle, a lace closure should be in your list now. The hairpiece is an ideal item to close a sew-in weave, quick weave or to make a lace closure wig. With the hair attached to a lace base, the lace closure will resembles your own scalp and hairline, thereby bringing in a natural look. But, there are still some tips and tricks you should follow to make the hair extension look like your real hair.

Choosing the right lace closure

A good quality human hair lace closure will secure you a natural look and feel to touch. And with a human hair one, you can color and adjust its texture like your own hair. Besides, lace closure are available with some types of parting like middle part, side part and free part. It’s important to choose a parting style that suits your face to highlight the look. A tip is a slight side part will look more realistic than keeping middle parts.

02 Closure

Selecting the lace that matches your skin tone

If you have a closure with regular brown lace base, you can try to dye it at home using fabric dye to make it look more like your skin tone. Hence, the dye you use must not be too dark and should be close in tone to your skin. To do this, you need to use a cotton swab and dap the dye into the lace part, all the areas including the hair part and around your hairline.

However, if you purchase a HD lace closure, you can skip the lace dying process since the HD lace film is already invisible after applying and blends perfectly into your scalp. With this lace material, you can also skip the bleaching knots on lace closure and just go ahead with the styling.

03 Closure

Trimming off the excess lace

Before you install the full lace closure on your head, it’s important to trim off the excess lace using a sharp fabric scissors. You should start at the center of the lace and move to the sides using a long fluid scissors strokes to avoid the jagged edges. Remember to cut away small portions of the lace instead of all of it at once and leave about a 1.25-inch of the lace.

Plucking your closure

Plucking your closure with a tweezers will make the hairline and front part look more realistic. Yet, make sure you don’t overdo so as not to make the hair become too thin. You can also add some baby hair at the edges so that it will look like your current hair.

04 Closure

Hiding all your hair underneath

To make your closure hair piece look nice in your head, your bio hair should lay flat underneath. If you have medium or long hair, you can make cornrow braids. But if your hair is short, you can simply pin it down against your skull. Spray some gel into your hair while pinning will help the hair stay in place for a smooth surface before you apply the closure.

Applying some concealer or foundation

If you are afraid that the lace is visible on your face, let make use of your makeup foundation or concealer to help the lace blend well with your skin. After you dust a thin layer or concealer over the lace at the front, you will see the lace closure become lovelier with natural look.

05 Closure

Coloring the parting line

Once you finish installing and adjusting the lace closure to fit your head, you can use a white liner pencil to draw a thin line on the parting area. In this way, your parting line of the closure will look like your own scalp.

Above are some tips and tricks on how to make your closure look like real. We hope that you can slay your look with these tips. Thank you for reading. 


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