A visit to my friend’s salon has changed my mind about weft hair extensions

00 Weft Hair Extensions

Back in the day, I and my ladies loved rocking tape-in hair. They are fast and fabulous. The hairstylist I went to at that time also loved them. They thought it was such a convenient product and get the job done quickly. Tape-in hair is easy to apply and I almost always get what I want from a session from the hairdresser. And I still loved them to this day. At the end of the day, it must have work for my lifestyle that I used them for almost 10 years. Until I visited my friend, Sharron. Sharron has a beautiful salon in Sacramento and we have been internet friends for a while. Little did I know, how my acquaintance with her would change my approach to hair care forever.

In Sharron’s salon, she always suggests women trying out two types of hair extensions applications. One is beaded hair extensions and the other is sewn weft hair extensions. And Sharron specifically suggests I should get sewn types due to my hair and how I was in a rush that day.

Yes, getting lustrous hair is that easy

01 Weft Hair Extensions

Sharron told me that a lot of people who are ready to pay for a custom stylist wig are people with a medical condition or need to protect their bio hair from environmental elements. Also, people who want to reinvent their looks completely would also flock to the witch-craft business of wig making( for example this blue lace front human hair wig). But for women who just want longer, voluminous, and lustrous hair, they tend to resort to hair extensions like beaded weft extensions or sew-in. All and all the whole process took me for just one and a half hours and I can’t think of anything more effortless.

Sewn weft hair you say?

Sewing is more common practice when it comes to wigs, but it is absolutely feasible if you want to get your hair extension sewn. We even have customers who dabble with sew-in with leave out. But usually, for hair extensions that get attached to the bottom of the head, people tend to think of tape-in. But anybody who fixate on tape, they are missing out!

To be able to sew and attach some human hair extension onto your real hair, you first need to create a braid across the back of your head, using your earlobes as a guide. Your hairstylist should create a very thin and fine braid in this fashion. After that, she will start sewing the hair extension on to this braid, creating a seamless and blended look.

Sewn weft hair extensions maintenance

Washing your extensions

02 Weft Hair Extension

You always need to baby these sewn-in ones. So that means gentle shampooing, gentle conditioner, gentle styling, and handling. And after I wash my sewn weft, I really don’t look back at tape hair anymore. The nice shampoo and conditioner that I always cherish after each use, play so well with this type of applications. I don’t have to worry about them wash away the adhesive in the tape or turn them into a mess. Of course, since I have a lot of practice under my belt, I rarely run into these issues. But for someone new and want something fool-proof, I would say sewn-in extensions make your life that much easier.

Drying your weft hair extensions

To dry down your wet hair and hair extension. Try the patting motion with a large towel so that your hair will stay in the originally intended form. Absolutely do not attempt to rub your hair, this will mess your hair up and make them prone to entanglement.

Finding a place to get it done…

04 Weft Hair Extension

First of all, even before you narrow down the salon who will help you with this. You need to know that a good weft would make the extensions so much more durable and make a difference to your whole look in the long run. We always recommend high-quality Remy human hair weft for this sort of task as they are not prone to damage due to heat treatment. Once you have got your weft and specified the right supplier, we think it is absolutely important to find a trusted salon. Remember to get this done in a reputable place and be ready to shell out at least 2 hours of your day for a salon visit.

Did you find my article useful, I hope you all get your lustrous and beautiful hair down using this sewn-in technique. Work out the booking with a nice salon who offers this and revisit them every 6-8 weeks for maintenance. Don’t be cheap on your wefts though as it will save you money in the run.


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