8 inch weave hair – Easy way to add extra volume and thickness

8 inch Weave hair by Apohair

Sometime you feel uncomfortable with your current long and thick hair and in these situations, you always want to upgrade your look that make you look more fabulous and gorgeous. If you are still looking for an item to help you, hair extensions are a suitable option. Nowadays, hair extensions are gradually more and more familiar to many girls and also known for a popular beautifying method.

Hair extensions isn’t a new term to many people all around the world anymore. Since it was invented, women have used it to make their hair look more voluminous and longer. However, not everyone knows well enough about hair extensions and they thus can’t get the best products. Today, we are very glad to introduce one of the best hair extensions for you. It is called 8 inch weave hair!

How long is 8 inch weave hair?

8 Inch weave Hair

When mentioning the 8 inch weave hair, most of us all concern about the length of this style, but you don’t need to worry about that. This length is about 20 cm long and suitable for any girls who love short hair. 8 inch weave human hair extensions of APOHAIR have originated from authentic human hair. These hair extensions are totally safe for your skin and they are known for its versatility in changing your hairstyle. Using weave hair extensions, especially 8 inch weave hair allow you to be creative with your appearance. What is better for your short hair than quick and gorgeous hairstyle with the 8 inch weave hair extensions?

8in weave hair extensions by APOHAIR

APOHAIR is one of the leading brands specializing on hair products for about 20 years. 8 inch weave hair is one of the outstanding hair extensions of the company. >>> SEE MORE: weave hair extensions by APOHAIR

8 inch Weave hair apo

All our products are made of 100% Vietnam remy hair which is not only smooth, soothing, emollient but also very affordable. Although it is in high quality and attractive, its price is also reasonable that everyone can own one for themselves. The price is considered a great advantage in competition with other brands.

Our 8 inch weave and all weave hair are weft by machines in one line. Since we use machines to do this task, the quality of the products is more equal and resembling. You will realize that our hair has no tangles or shedding because it is carefully made.

Weave hair extensions is really versaltile because you can style it and make other types of hair extensions. It is known for one of the most popular hair extensions alongside with bulk hair. You can apply weave hair directly to your real hair without little struggle, hair damage and hair broken.

If you want to make it easier to use the hair, you can add weave hair to make clip in hair extensions by attaching some clips into it.

If you want to find out and know more about our hair extensions, read the following details of the products.

Main features:

Length: 8 inches

Weight: 100 grams per bundle

Origin: Vietnam remy hair 100%

Color: black

Hair standards: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair

Textures: straight, curly, wavy

How to take care of 8 inch weave hair extensions

Do you know that the way we take care of 8in weave hair plays a vital role in lifespan of them? To maintain the smoothness and sleek of weave hair extension, you should remember some tips below.

Hair Condition

You don’t have to wash your hair extensions frequently as your natural hair. When washing extensions, please sure to be gentle and use wide tooth comb. Your weave hair extensions still look great if you know how to take care of them properly.

After washing weave hair extensions, you should let them air dry because high heat from hair dryer can damage the sleekness of them.

If your weave hair extensions are not in use, you should wash and store them in a box or zipbag. Your 8 inch weave human hair extensions still look beautiful for the next time.

Other types of hair you might be interested in

Alongside with 8 inch weave hair extensions, APOHAIR also has many types of hair that you should look over it.

hair extensions from APOHAIR

Bulk hair is known for the simplest hair which is tied with elastics. It is one of the hair products that we sell in big quantity and is used to make other types of hair extensions depending on customers’ purposes.

We still have many types of hair extensions such as tape hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tip hair extensions and so on.

Besides, there are wigs, frontal and closures in our stock that you can consider to buy.

The bottom line: 8 inch weave hairstyles are becoming more and more popular and really a hot trend for short-hair girl because of its beauty and attractive. Therefore, we hope that after reading this post, you will gain more critical information about the weave hair. If you are interested in the article, follow our website for more beauty tips, news and how-to guides.


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