8 Inch Human Hair Weave Single Straight: Textures, Apply & Care

01 8 Inch Human Hair

If it springs up in your mind a question, like “Is there any weave hair provided by Apohair?” Then immediately, we respond that weave hair is one of the most popular hair extensions in our stock. Let’s take a look at what is 8 inch human hair weave single straight and how to apply this hairstyle throughout this blog.

Weave hair extensions refer to the hairstyle in which hair is sewn onto braided hair and styled to any desired style. It is also called weft hair extensions or sew-in hair extensions. The beauty of a hair weave is determined by how undetectable it is. Typically, there are two factors that have an effect on how blended your hair will be with the extensions for that overall seamless look. They are your own hair texture and the style you are looking to achieve in your new hairstyle.

Human hair weave single straight, as its own name, is defined by the hair extensions which is made of 100% Vietnamese human hair. This is a very strong point of weave hair extensions. Here, 8 inch express the length of this hair extension.

Hair quality of 8 inch human hair weave single straight

Basically, there are two types of hair extensions: synthetic hair and human hair extensions.

Human hair extensions: When a hair product is made of human hair, it will be much easier for users to change the hair in a different way. Because human hair extension is contributed by a human donor, it is soft, great and can easily match your own hair in color and texture. Especially, when you want to heat-styling tools to straighten or curl your hair, human hair makes it easy. You can wash, dye or blow dry human hair. All depends on your preference.

Synthetic hair extensions: In contrast, synthetic is less convenient. Although some types of synthetic hair allow heat-styling products, it is still plastic and can melt under the intensity of heat treatment. In this situation, your own hair may face some bad effects from the plastic melt in synthetic hair extensions, which is a really bad result. In addition, synthetic cannot last as long as human hair extensions. It can become matted or tangle or shedding. However, with a really reasonable price, customers can still consider buying this product more.

Different Textures of 8 Inch Weave Hair Extensions

Here, straight is the texture for this weave hair extensions.  In our production, there are three basic textures for a weave hair extension: straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair. Each hair texture belongs to a different favorite.

8 inch straight hair extensions: the simplest texture for a hairstyle. At Apostore.vn, we have kinky straight and yaki straight hair extensions.

8 inch curly hair extensions: the most complicated texture for your hairstyle. This texture is formed when a follicle is asymmetrical, the hair it produces is oval in shape and tends to curl. We are having loose curly, deep curly, romantic curly and kinky curly in our stock.

04 8 Inch Human Hair

8 Inch Wavy Hair Extensions: the hair texture remains in the middle position of curly hair and straight hair. Wavy owns the best of both curly and straight hair. The hair lacks in straight and also reduces the curling hair. In terms of typical texture, we have natural wavy hair, body wavy, water wavy, hot steam wavy, bouncy wavy and roll bouncy wavy hair.

05 8 Inch Human Hair

As mentioned before, hair extensions don’t only come in that 3 main textures. There are many versions of them in the market: Yaki, Fumi, Deep wave, Loose wave, Deep curly,.. Those terms and defines can make you overwhelmed when you are new to the world of hair extensions. Therefore, visit our website for the most detailed and adequate article about all textures of 8 inch hair extensions via the link HERE and enjoy it!!!

The standard for human hair weave hair extensions

“Single” is the standard for 8 inch human hair weave single straight. It is single drawn quality type 1. Officially, there are four main standards for our human hair weave including single drawn quality type 1, single drawn quality type 2, double drawn quality type 1 and double drawn quality type 2.

Single drawn quality type 1: a hair standard in which both short hair and long hair are put in the same bundle. The average length of the bundle is long enough to meet the demand of the customer; however, there are also short strands in it.

Single drawn quality type 2:  the quantity of hair with the same length is more than that of single drawn quality type 1. Hair is also thicker in the top and thinner in the end like single type 1.

06 8 Inch Human Hair

Double drawn quality type 1:  the hair is made with more long size in a bundle to give a real fullness on the end of the hair

Double drawn quality type 2:  is the best hair that has almost the same hair strands in one bundle of the hair. It is, of course, the most expensive hair standard of all.

Colors of 8 Inch Weave Hair Extensions

There are lots of colors that you can choose for weave hair extensions. Traditionally, it is the black color which attracts many customers. Besides, we always have many other special colors for you to choose such as dark brown, light brown, blonde, mix color or ombre color.

07 8 Inch Human Hair

How To Apply Human Weave Hair Extensions

Firstly, take a part of your hair up. Try to braid a small part of the remaining hair into a cornrow from one side to the other. After this process, take the weave hair extensions and carry out sewing it to the braided hair in your head. If you have got used to this method, it may take about no more than 5 minutes for the whole application.

08 8 Inch Human Hair

How To Take Care Of The Weave Hair Extensions

You need to ensure that your hair is in the best quality, which will not suffer from too much shedding during the usage

Pay more attention to wash your weave hair with a suitable shampoo. Especially, an olive oil moisturizer is highly recommended in this process. It will certainly help keep your weave from tangling.

Are you attracted by the beauty and special features in 8 inch human hair weave single straight? Come with us and explore the best things in all of our products. We are always here to be with you on the way to find a more different and impressive appearance.

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