6 simple rules for stress-free natural hair wig maintenance

4 Hair Wig

Natural hair wigs are some of the most versatile and long-lasting types of wigs you can get. Because they provide good values, Remy hair wigs are some of the most sought-after products these days. Whether you need a wig for medical reasons or for purely aesthetical reasons, we think that everyone should know these tips to properly maintain these invaluable items. A stable and constant hair care protocol is just what you need to keep those wigs in prime conditions and ready to rock those glamorous looks just when you need it the most.

1. Be sure you got the right types of wigs with the appropriate instructions

Human hair wigs are just very different from synthetic hair wigs and need a different care strategy. Natural hair is, in general, stronger, more long-lasting, and will suffer from less heat damage than synthetic hair. So once you have got yourselves a nice wig, please do your homework and find out the nature of the material. Read up on the manufacturer’s instruction and come up with a hair care plan that is most suitable. Before you even think about trying on that wonderful wigs, we strongly suggest you armed yourself with knowledge of how to prepare your own hair. If you are unsure which type of braid to wear, please check out these detailed guides from our experts.

2. The right hair care products

Obviously how you wash and maintain the hygiene of your wigs is of vital importance to how they will last you. That’s why we recommend you use special products (either shampoo or conditioner) to maintain the quality and texture of the wig’s hair. Regular shampoo and conditioner you get at the drugstore might not be the best option since they can be too harsh and damaging to your hair’s texture in the long run. Also as a new wig owner, you would need to familiarize yourself with a new hair washing technique. Be sure to read about all the detailed techniques in this how-to guide.

01 Hair Wig

Special conditioner and shampoo and a careful hair washing technique is absolutely essential for carefree wig maintenance

3. Take it up a notch!

We always strive for the perfect look in our skincare and makeup routine. It is no wonder that our hair (natural or wigs) have to live up to the same high standard. When you get wigs and hair extensions from a reputable supplier, be sure to select the right sort of color, texture, and length for the wigs you are constructing. Even if the order came in perfectly, you might still need to do some modifications to actualize your desired vision. We think it might be best that you contact a professional hair salon who specializes in styling wigs. As you cut or do some heat treatment to your wigs, you are making a change that is irreversible. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have someone who is in the biz to consult.

2 Hair Wig

A Wig Wizard will transform a regular wig into a fancy style you have always dreamt for.

4. Store your natural hair wigs properly for optimal conditions

Even if you are just getting your first wigs or have been a veteran user, we cannot stress enough the rules of proper storage. Wigs should always be stored in an upright position, ideally on a mannequin or attached to some hooks. These methods prevent the hair from getting tangled. You should also cover it with some clothes to ensure your wigs are always clean.

5. Moderation in heat treatment

As opposed to synthetic hair, human hair can be treated with heat. But there is a caveat you should know. Heat appliances like a dryer, curling devices should only be used sparingly as prolonged exposure to heat will eventually degrade wigs’ quality.

3 Hair Wig

Moderation is key when it comes to heat treatment.

6. Do not neglect your natural hair at any cost.

As much as you are, we are fascinated with all the caring and styling for wigs.  However, we think that your own natural hair shouldn’t take a backseat once you start wearing wigs regularly. Taking care of your bio hair is not of secondary importance. A clean healthy scalp and natural hair will also enhance your well-being and self-confidence. A lot of our readers actually use wigs as a protective method and let their natural hair have some much-needed rest. We think this is a very smart approach that you should not overlook.

We hope that the above tips were helpful to you so that you can now easily use and care for your new shining items. Did we miss out on any tips that were essential to you? Don’t hesitate to put forth your idea as we are always eager to hear about your wig-care process.


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