5 “way” to help human hair extensions always beautiful

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Or Hair

Extending hair is the fastest magic step when you want to change the look of your hair. However, you may not know how to make your human hairextensions look beautiful without bringing any damage to your scalp or hair?


Hair straightening is the fastest way for you to renew your hair

Shampooing properly

Using the technology of hair extending means that your daily hair care habits also need to be changed accordingly. Shampooing is one of the first notes.

Do not shampoo too often to avoid damaging hair joints, you had better wash 2-3 times a week. When shampooing, remember to use the tip of your fingers to wash your hair joints instead of using the nail. Clawing water and the shampoo from the top to bottom of hair and gently rinsing off with water. You should not rub your hair while shampooing, especially the hair joints or your human hair extensions will be fast damaged.

Drying hair properly

With the human hair extensions, drying your hair should be done very carefully because if you are careless, rubbing the hair with a towel can burst the joints. When shampooing is completed, using water absorbent cotton, do not rubbing or combing your hair at this time because it is the time hair is weakest and easiest to damage. time of hair. The weight of the joints makes your hair easy to slide from the head.

The dryer should not be used with human hair extensions. In case of being forced to use the dryer, let it be in the wind mode to dry the human hair extensions first and then the remaining hair.

Properly combing hair

Hair combing is also an important principle in human hair extensions care because if you do not know how to comb, the hair joints are also damaged quickly. Remember not to comb hair when the hair is still wet to avoid hair loss.

Choosing soft combs to comb hair from the tail to the ends of hair and then brush them up. You can use fingers to lightly comb the hair before combing hair by combs to prevent hair tangled.

Keep away from the effects of heat

Heat is not a good friend of hair, especially human hair extensions. So if you want to extend your hair’s lifespan, staying away from styling products .

When you want to use styling products for hair, let go to the consultants to get the best care of hair.

Mainetenance for human hair extensions

Do not forget to add hair conditioner to lengthen hair extensions lifespan

Human hair extensions meaning receiving nutrients to nourish hair from the hair cuticles is not possible. However, the enhancement of hair nourishing nutrients is indispensable because the real hair is supporting the hair extension. Adding nutrients will help hair in general and human hair extensions in particular to grow healthily.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every 2-3 months, your hair tails will grow up to 3m, so you need to go to hair salon to strengthen the joints so that they are always strong and not easy to be break.


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