5 smart tips to look stunning with a short black wig 

01 Short Black Wig

There must be a reason why the short black hairstyle attracts people across different continents and has never been left behind any hair trends. Today, people can get short black hair easily with a short black wig. There are now more and more short black wigs sold in the market, both online and offline. But, how to get a good short black wig that looks natural and helps you shine up your beauty? Let check the following tips to get the key.

Choosing a suitable short black wig style for yourself

Short black wig can go with people of all ages. However, you should take into consideration some factors such as your face shape, your nature of work or events you attend, the current state of your natural, etc.

Not all types of face shape can suit a short wig. However, if you choose the right style, it can make you more beautiful. For example, if your face is quite round, or if you don’t have a nice jawline, a short black wig that frames your face will help you deal with the problem. For girls with stunning jawline, there is no reason to hide under layers of your hair. You can wear a pixie wig or a short curly bob style to show off the beauty of your natural face.

02 Short Black Wig

Besides, it’s important to choose suitable short black wig styles depending on the place you go. If your job involves in professional works, don’t try to make an impression with a bold and cool style like a dreadlock or a high kinky curly. Instead, you can choose the bob styles in straight or wavy texture with the medium length. It’s better to choose one that suits any setting, so you can save time and money for changing your hairstyle.

Making sure to measure your head size

You should measure your head precisely to buy the right size of the wig. If not, your wig might be too tight or too large for your head. You won’t want to see yourself uncomfortable with the wrong size wig that distracts you from doing anything.

Use a tape measure to measure your head’s circumference, the distance from your hairline to your nape and the distance from one ear to the other.

03 Short Black Wig

Matching short black wig styles with suitable makeup and outfit

Applying suitable makeup can accent your short black wig style. So does your outfit. If you are heading to a dance club or a music fest, you can wear a short black wig in a tight curly style with a thick side part. Then, match it with bold makeup, highlight your eyes, and dress in a cool outfit.

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04 Short Black Wig

Taking good care of your black short wig

This is a key factor to maintain the look of your black short wig. You surely want your wig to be always soft, silky and tangle-free. Hence, set aside your time to search for the right ways to take care of your wig and apply it carefully.

05 Short Black Wig

If you are new to wigs, let check this blog post: The basic dos and don’ts for new wig wearers to get the tips on how to take care of your wig.

Buying a high quality short black wig

As a matter of fact, synthetic wig, even the high-quality one cannot look as natural as human hair wig. The synthetic fiber is not softer and smoother as human hair and it’s harder to maintain. Therefore, you should invest in a good quality of wig form human hair to have a natural hairstyle.

If you have no idea of where to buy a good one, let visit our APO’s online store. You will see a wide range of black wigs and hair extensions from Vietnamese human hair. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales staff if you want to ask something. We are always available to bring you timely support.

So now, you know how to rock with a short black wig. Let try one now and you will satisfy with your new look. We hope that you are always confident in your appearance and enjoy life. Thank you for reading.


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