4 tools that help you to get perfect bangs

4 Tools That Help You To Get Perfect Bangs01
4 Tools That Help You To Get Perfect Bangs01

Along with beautiful hair, beautiful bangs also play an important role in shaping your look and help you to leave a deep impression on other people. Suitable bangs can even help you to look younger. This post is written to provide you with the information about 4 tools to get perfect bangs

By using the 4 following tools, your bangs will look really natural. Besides, these ways do not take you much time.

The 4 tools below are really helpful when your bangs cover your eyes but you do not have time to go to hair salon to have the bangs cut

  1. Hair roller
4 Tools That Help You To Get Perfect Bangs
Tools That Help You To Get Perfect Bangs

Hair roller is the most popular and powerful tool to style your bangs without any heat.

Take your bangs and roll it in the hair roller from 3-10 minutes depending on how curled you want it. The longer you leave your bangs in, the higher the bulb of your bangs will be. You can choose to keep the roller in your natural hair overnight.

Many girls have the habit of putting their bangs in the roller when they either wash their face or do their make-up. Because hair rollers are quite small and convenient, many girls like to carry the rollers around with them.

A lot of young girls even still have their bangs rolled in the roller while walking down the street or taking a selfie.

  1. Pencil
4 Tools That Help You To Get Perfect Bangs01
Tools That Help You To Get Perfect Bangs

It is best to curl your hair after it is washed because this is the time when it is easy to keep your hair in shape.

First of all, take your bangs and wrap it around the pencil that you have prepared. Next, twist the bangs around the pencil. The pencil should be secured in place for at least 10 minutes so that you can get the best result.

  1. Chopsticks
4 Tools That Help You To Get Perfect Bangs02
4 Tools That Help You To Get Perfect Bangs

In case of emergency, chopsticks may be helpful.

You need to prepare 2 chopsticks and a lighter which are available in every family. The first thing you need to do is to comb your bangs. After that, use the lighter to heat the chopsticks up for some seconds. Then, pinch the bangs between the two chopsticks and start to roll your bangs around the two chopsticks as what you do with hair roller and pencil.

You can repeat this action until you get your desired bangs. Normally, 2-3 times are enough.

  1. Eyelash curler

4 Tools That Help You To Get Perfect Bangs03

If you are a girl who loves make-up, you must be familiar with the eyelash curler. It is not only used to curl your eyelashes as most people know but it can be also used to curl your bangs.

In case you can find any hair roller or you do not have a curling iron or a flat iron, you can make use of your eyelash curler. It is really a multipurpose tool, isn’t it?

The above ways can be applied to bang wigs and bang hair extensions. To get a good look as you want, come to APOHAIR to try our hair extensions.


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