4 simple tips to have a beautiful and shiny wavy hair extension

Vietnam Hair 4 Simple Tips To Have A Beautiful And Shiny Wavy Hair Extension 267x300
Vietnam Hair 4 Simple Tips To Have A Beautiful And Shiny Wavy Hair Extension 267x300

Every girl want to own a sexy wavy hair extension, it will make you feel more confident whenever and wherever you are. However, keeping the curls last for a long time as well as shiny is not easy. Many people have to spend a lot of money on salons for vietnamese hair care, but there are some simple ways that you can do right at home helping you style your hair freely without fear of damage.

Gently massage the vietnam hair when shampooing

In fact, curls make hair dry. Therefore, you should use shampoo containing moisturizers to help balance the natural moisture of the hair. When shampooing your hair, you should only slightly massage hair to prevent the curls from tangling together and break your hair. After shampooing, use a towel to gently wipe the hair and remove water.

Balance natural moisture of vietnam hair

According to experts, you should incubate vietnam hair twice a week and 5 to 10 minutes each time to balance the natural moisture of the hair. You should also limit the use of products to polish the hair because it will make the hair fiber and dry.

Use appropriate styling products

Normally, shampoos and conditioners are the two main hair care products. However, for wavy hair, you should also add some special products for hair care such as hair conditioners and masks providing needed nutrients and moisture to prevent the hair from drying and fracturing.

As we know, gels, waxes and soft creams are typical products for bending hair but you need to know how to use it properly to get the best effect.

Gels are often used for styling with short hair, which helps to keep the hair out of ruffling and hold the curls shape but it can make the hair brittle and dry. In particularly, do not wear a helmet when using a gel because it will break the hairstyle that you have created. Waxe is also used to style the short hair but it does not harden the hair but creates a plasticity. To create a natural look for long, wavy hair, you should soft cream, it will be the best choice.

Use natural nourishing maskTo care for wavy hair extensions, you can make some hair masks from natural ingredients such as avocado, banana and olive oil.

You mix a haft of a banana with a half of a avocado and 3 tablespoons of olive oil into a liquid and then apply it on the vietnam hair. Keep it for 15 to 20 minutes and than wash with water. This mask is extremely efective in moisturizing and protecting the hair from dryness. You should use the mask once or twice a week to get the best results.


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