Nowadays, along with hair extensions, wig has become an indispensable beauty tool of many women. Wigs which are sold on the market are very diverse in materials, designs, sizes, styles and more. Nevertheless, this diversity makes many of them feel confused about choosing a wig that suits them best.

As a result, we are going to introduce to you some criteria to consider when choosing a wig.

  1. Size


The first consideration when choosing a wig is the wig size. This consideration is often ignored in spite of its importance. Many girls just pay their attention to designs, materials and colors without thinking of the wig size.

An unsuitable wig can lead to a lot of troubles. If the wig size is too wide, it will be swept away from your face or will easily fall off your head. On the other hand, a small wig may make you feel uncomfortable and even cause headaches.

The wig size can be divided into3 main sizes: petite (or small), average (or medium) and large. It is estimated that the number of women who choose medium size accounts for around 90-95%.

  1. Material

When it comes to materials, there are two main types of wig: synthetic wig and natural wig.

– Synthetic wig is made of synthetic materials. It is less expensive in comparison with natural wig. Synthetic wig is quite sensitive to heat, so it cannot be heat styled.

– Natural wig is wig made from natural hair. This is the most expensive and high-quality type of wig. Especially, you can style, dye, curl, iron, etc. it without worries.

  1. Style

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Hairstyle is always something that must be considered in terms of both wig and real hair.

First, think about your face shape so that you can find out a hairstyle which has the ability to enhance your beauty and hide or overshadow the bad features of your face.

Next, think about your personality and your daily style. Whether you are a calm person, you are a feminine girl, you are a sweet and lovely girl or you are a tough guy, there is always a wide range of choices open for you.

Furthermore, you are recommended to a wig which has bangs. If the hairstyle is considered as a work of art, bangs are the soul of this work art. Compared to blunt bangs and see-through bangs, side-swept bangs are less appreciated. The reason is that blunt bangs and see-through bangs make it easier for you to hide the points of junction between the wig and your forehead.

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  1. Color

You should care about the color of the wig. Specifically, you should choose the wig that has the same color as your natural hair so that it is hard for other people to know that you are wearing a wig.

In addition, it is necessary to choose a wig that can go well with your skin tone as well as your face shape.

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