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Lady Gaga, who was born on March 28th, 1986, is a famous American singer. She is well-known for not only her beautiful voice but also her unusual style which has become the great concern of public.

Together with her outfits which seem to be spent for aliens and her odd make-up, her weird hairstyles play a very important role in building her extraordinary image in the eyes of others. Many netizens even say that each day she shocks her fans with a new creative hairstyle.

Here are some of the craziest hairstyles of Lady Gaga that have made everyone startled when she appears in some important events.

Oversized button updo hairstyle


The first time Lady Gaga appeared with oversized button updo hairstyle was when she arrived at the Manchester Academy (Manchester, England) on June 2009. A giant button is wrapped by her hair to create an oversized button shape on the top of her head. At the same time, her long straight hair is worn down naturally.


Full Curls with an Art Deco Accent

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This unique hairstyle made the American singer look like a sun goddess when she performed at the launch of V61, hosted by V Magazine and Marc Jacobs in New York City. It can be divided into 2 different parts, the front part is big curls (chin length hair curls) and the other is kept in perfect shape by hair gel to form a halo around her head, just like a real sun. Actually this is not the only time she wear this style of remy hair extensions.


Short Purple Hairstyle with a bow

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On the cover of Billboard magazine, the 32-year-old singer catches a lot of attention thanks to her short hair extensions with a big bow placed on the left side of her head. Although using bows as hair accessories has already become a popular way of styling hair, Lady Gaga has made it more special.

Her bow brings a feeling of craziness while others’ bows are really cute. It can be said that she quite prefers to make use of big bows to create hairstyles which rarely anyone dares to try.


Soda Can Curls

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To get soda can curls, all you need is cover your curls with empty soda cans, then use some hair spray. With this hairstyle, Lady Gaga has proven that anything can be used as hair accessories, even it is an empty soda can.

Many inBottom of Formternational fans even humorously comment that Lady Gaga’s soda can curl hairstyle contributes to call for waste recycling for the purpose of protecting the environment. Her weird hairstyle has inspired a lot of young people and become a hot trend.

It cannot be denied that it is perfect for Gaga to apply soda can curl hairstyle in the music video “Telephone”.

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