3 most popular long black wig styles you should never ignore

01 Long Black Wig

Flipping a long sleek black hair is what many girls dream of. While growing a long hair can trouble you sometimes for cleaning and caring, you always have an alternative way to get the silky long locks, using long black wig. And today, we will bring you a clearer look at some popular types of long black wig you should try for a brilliant look.

3 most popular long black hair wig styles

Elegant long black curly wig

Curly hair lovers should not ignore this wig since it’s a super quick way to transform into a bold classy girl. Moreover, the tight swirls will add much more volume to your hair. If you have styled your natural hair quite often before and want to get sometimes for it to break, this type of wig will be a smart way to protect your real hair from damage.

02 Long Black Wig

Another fascinating thing about long black curly wig is that it’s versatile. If you want to look fab, you can easily use some simple accessories like beanies, headbands or head wraps to highlight your hairstyle. Curly hair also looks so lovely with braids, in a top knot, or in a fierce ponytail.

Smooth long straight black wig

A long straight black wig can go with you anywhere you want. All you need to do is choosing an outfit. You can be a lovely girl at a party, an elegant lady on special occasions, an enthusiastic staff at your office or a casually dressed girl in daily life.

If you choose a silky human hair wig, like Wig hair straight black color at APO’s store, the long soft black locks falling off will play up your beauty even more.

03 Long Black Wig

This style does not require you to apply much care, just mild shampoo to wash the wig. Especially, the long straight black wig is not prone to tangle. Hence, you can save your time and confidently shine up everywhere you go.

If want to change the style of the wig, you can make light or deep curls. Yet, please take notice that your wig will last much longer with little heat exposure.

Long black wavy wig

If you love bouncy hairstyle to add volume to your hair, but don’t want to spend much time dealing with the frizz and special care for a curly hairstyle, the loose curls of a long black wavy wig is perfect for you. Although the wavy hairstyle is charming at any hair length, the long wavy locks will make you look more impressive with the effortless natural beach waves. 

04 Long Black Wig

The wavy hairstyle can make you look gentle and elegant. You can add some accessories or make some little changes in your wig like tie it into a bun, braid a headband, or double braids to diverse your concept.

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What type of hair should we use for long black wig?

We always love the soft and smooth hair that can be looked as natural as our own hair. That’s why a human hair wig will be a better choice if you are searching for a long black wig now. It might cost you a little more compared to synthetic wig, but it will last longer and easier to maintain, thereby saving you more in the long run.

At APO’s store, all of our wigs are made from human hair with completely no chemicals or synthetic fibers. The hair we use for making wigs is collected from the girls who have never style their hair with chemicals before. Therefore, you can be assured of the quality of our human hair wig collection.

Especially, APO has launched a new high-end product range with many types of premium wigs and hair extensions. Let see our Galaxy Collection and figure out.

There is something mysterious and attractive about long black hair and choosing the right long black wig style will make you be beautiful every day with a marvelous hairstyle. Please keep supporting us by following our blog. Thank you for reading.


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