3 incredible ways to transform your synthetic hair extensions 2020

01 Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are commonly used thanks to its financial friendly to users and diverse textures, lengths and colors. There are, however, a big negative aspect of synthetic hair extensions is that it does not last long with frequent use like human hair extensions. Synthetic extension will become old and tangled after several months even if you don’t apply heat to it. You will need to buy a new one to replace it and it costs you a certain amount of money. So, how to make your old synthetic extensions or wigs look like new? Here in this article, we bring you with 3 big secrets to transform your old synthetic extensions. Let check it out.

Using fabric softener on synthetic hair extensions

It is a matter of fact that synthetic hair extensions are hard to take care of and normally does not allow human hair care products. Synthetic hair also doesn’t have natural moisture like human hair and tend to be very dry. And fabric softener works as an especially effective conditioner to synthetic hair. Applying fabric softener on synthetic hair extensions can revive your old wigs and reduce the fizz and static cling. 

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To apply this method, you need a spray bottle, fabric softener and cool water. Firstly, take two equal parts of cool water and fabric softener into the spray bottle. Then, shake it up to make fabric softener mixed well in water. After that, spray the mixture on your synthetic hair extension and let it air-dry. And done! How simple and effective it is.  

03 Synthetic Hair Extensions

Dying synthetic hair extensions to rock a new look

Can you dye synthetic hair extensions? The answer is yes. This idea may sound strange since ammonia or bleach ingredients in hair dyes will destroy synthetic fibers. However, there are still ways to nail it.

Because you can’t bleach your synthetic hair to apply new color, pastel colors is the most suitable choice. To get the best result, you should use the wigs with the color lighter than the color you want to dye. Light colors such as white, blonde and silver will also work.

To dye your synthetic hair, you will need alcohol-based ink or if you have a marker pen with the color you want to dye your wigs, you can make use of it. With alcohol-based ink, you need to mix it with water at the ratio of 1:1 in a spray bottle to get the vibrant and opaque color. Add more water if you want the pastel color. As for maker pen, you can take the ink tube and put it into a spray bottle. Then, add a preferred amount of water and let it sit for about a night.

04 Synthetic Hair Extensions

After you finish preparing the dye, put on gloves and spray it on your hair extension. Make sure the dye covers all the hair layers. Next, air-dry your hair extensions and then rinse it in cold water to clean the ink. Dry the hair using a towel and brush it thoroughly with a wide-teeth comb. Take some time for it to completely dry. And now you can show off your new color wigs!

Changing straight synthetic hair extensions to synthetic curly hair extensions

If you feel bored with your straight hair extensions, you can change the texture by curling it. However, synthetic hair extensions cannot be styled with heat because the fibers will be melted right away. Therefore, we recommend you to curl your synthetic hair extensions without heat.

To do this, you will need to moisture your synthetic hair with cream moisturizer or olive oil first. And then, decide how large you want your curls to be to get the proper sizes of perm rods or rollers. Next, part your hair into sections and roll each section of hair up onto a perm rod. After you finish, dip each of your hair section with perm rod into the hot water. Let the hair air-dry and then gently remove the perm rods. At this point, the curls is tight and springy. If you want them to look fluffier and softer, you can use your fingers to comb the hair gently.

05 Synthetic Hair Extensions

Overall, there are marvelous ways to transform your synthetic hair extensions to get a new brilliant look at relatively low cost. Yet, to get the best shape of hair and do styling as much as you want, it’s better to use human hair extensions instead. And here at APO’s store, we have a wide range of premium human hair extensions for you to choose and experience. Let try one and you will totally satisfy with the quality.

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