3 homemade hair mask recipes with coconut oil for 22 inch weave

How long is 18 inch loose curly weave

Hair extension tends to catch hair problems such as split end, frizz, hair loss, breakage, etc more than our actual hair. These syndromes above are caused by lack of essential nutrition and external effect such as hot styling tools, sunshine, pollution. While our natural hair can gain nutrients from scalp, 22 inch weave hair extension need supplying essential nutrition so that hair extension can last longer.

How is 22 inch weave?

Weave hair or weft hair is one of the most favorite hair extension worldwide thanks to its seamlessness. Moreover, it is available to make into a wig! 22 inch is about 55cm and it can reach your middle back or even lower back. It sounds long but not too much for your hair for sure. With 22 inch weave, you can reach your dreaming hair length to make any hairdo for all events of your life.

Hair mask from coconut oil

Coconut oil is a magic element in health and beauty field. It has been applied to thousands of homemade remedies for your hair. Coconut oil has excellent penetrative properties which help nutrients from hair mask deep seep to your 22 inch weave.

Healthy yogurt mask

Ingredient: coconut oil, yogurt, honey

01 22 Inch Weave

Many people have used yogurt as a source of hair nutrients supplier for years. Yogurt is locked with many nutrients such as Riboflavin, biotin, Calcium, Iodine, phosphorus, etc. Each of them have different functions in haircare. While calcium and iodine strengthen hair follicles, riboflavin plays a role as hair protector of weak and lifeless hair. Biotin helps to restore damaged hair and phosphorus attribute to have shiny hair. Whilst, coconut oil and honey work as emollient and humectant properties in this recipe.

You should mix yogurt, honey, coconut oil with ratio 2:1:1. In case your coconut oil is in solid form, melt it before pour into yogurt. Then mix them all together until they become a paste. Apply this mixture onto your hair and 22 inch weave from the top to the end. It is better to massage your hair and your scalp gently so the nutrients of hair mask penetrate into hair follicles. Wrap your hair with a shower cap and leave it about 15 minutes. After that, shampoo your hair and rinse with conditioner. This hair mask also promote your actual hair grow longer and prettier. Apohair note that you need to wet your hair before using hair mask to have good effect.

Apple cider vinegar mask

Ingredient: coconut oil, honey, apple cider vinegar.

02 22 Inch Weave

We usually remind apply cider vinegar (ACV) in cooking without knowing about its brilliant benefits in haircare. ACV is made of a fermentation process. Thanks to that process, it contains amounts of acetic acid and pH which will balance the high pH on dull, brittle, frizzy hair. In result, your 22 inch weave looks glossy and smooth after using this mask. However, these acid may cause dry hair. Therefore, coconut oil and honey will keep moisture and soften the hair. Also, this hair mask helps lock you 22 inch weave color to have longer beautiful hair.

You need to mix an equal amount of coconut oil, honey and apple cider vinegar. Don’t forget to melt your coconut oil before blending them. Then apply to your hair and scalp and leave on for 20 minutes and do a hair wash with shampoo and conditioner. This mixture is suitable to all hair types. Now, you needn’t worry about having trouble with your 22 inch weave anymore.

Avocado mask

Ingredient: coconut oil, ripe avocado, honey

03 22 Inch Weave


Avocado is really a yummy fruit that supplies us nutrients. On the same hand, it is also good for our hair. Avocado contains rich omega 3 fatty acids and natural oils that retain moisture and keep your 22 inch hair extension deep hydration. Besides, some vitamins such as A, B2, D, etc in this fruit nourish your hair and make it healthier. Vitamin E in avocado works as an antioxidant factor to rejuvenate both your natural hair and 22 inch weave.

Remember to choose ripe avocado because it contains more essential nutrients for your hair and it can be blended better. You can use spoon or grinder to blend avocado into paste and add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 2 tablespoons of honey. After applying this hair mask to your hair, wear your shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes. Then, shampoo your hair with warm water and finish with conditioner.

Where to buy 22 inch weave

Good hair weaves will need less time to take care of it. So why don’t you choose high quality 22 inch weave? Apohair will help you in this case.

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04 22 Inch Weave

Apohair is one of the biggest hair manufacturer in Vietnam. Having about 20-year-experience working in hair industry, we have built and expended our factory to meet end needs of clients all over the world. With our professional factory, we are always ready to design the best products as clients’ request.

We guarantee our 22 inch weave:

  • Made of 100% Vietnamese Remy Human hair
  • No shedding, No tangle, No nit or lice
  • Last in 1-2 years with proper care
  • Blend in your hair perfectly
  • Add extra length, extra volume
  • Have ability to be styled in every hairdo with hot tools

It is not difficult to take care of 22 inch weave at all. You can follow coconut oil recipes above to provide essential nutrient to it. Moreover, these recipes also stimulate your natural hair to grow faster and keep it healthier. Apohair is happy to become your hair vendor. Don’t hesitate anything and contact our staff for gorgeous hair extension or shop online at http://apostore.vn. We hope this post is helpful for you, please comment your thoughts below to let us know.


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