24 inch tape in hair extensions are more and more popular with hair beauty community

24 inch Tape In Hair by Apohair

APOHAIR is one of the leading companies specializing in manufacturing, selling and supplying 100% Vietnamese human hair extensions all over the world. We sell all types of hair extensions which are available in the hair market now. Some popular hair extensions can be mentioned are bulk hair, tape hair, clip-in hair, closures, wigs, ponytails, tips hair in which tape in hair is the best seller of APO Hair. Today, we’d like to introduce to all of you a recently hot products – 24 inches tape in hair extensions.

How long are 24 inches tape in hair extensions?

24 inch Tape In Hair by Apohair

As their name, these extensions have the length of 24 inches which is about 60 centimeters. 24 inch hair length can reach over your hip, even reach your behind if you are not too tall. It’s considered a perfect option for any girl and will actually make you outstanding in the crowd because it is very long and can make a lot of different textures.

Why you should choose 24 inches tape in hair?

If a 14 inches tape in hair is too short, and you want the longer hair, 24 inches tape in hair will be a perfect choice for you.  24 inches tape in hair will reach to your mid-back and bring you a charming look.

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Tape In Hair Apo

A tape in hair can be made from human Remy hair and virgin hair. The hair is carefully collected from many sources around the country and classified by hands before processing to make curls. In addition, all the hair are full cuticles, we do not use any chemical to remove them.

With APOHair, reputation and quality comes first, so we do not allow to produce bad quality products. We always satisfy our clients with the true value and that why now we becomes the best hair supplier in Vietnam.

Besides tape in hair, with other types of Vietnamese hair extensions, we also supply with these following information: 

Length size: 6 inches to 32 inches

Colors: More than 30 single colors, as well as ombre, highlight and mix colors

Textures: Straight, kinky straight, yaki straight, Natural wavy, body wavy, bounce wavy, deep curly, loose curly, …

How the tape in hair is made and send to the customer?

The tape in hair is made directly from bulk hair to create straight machine weft hair. After that the hair is brought to make curls by hot-steamed. This process can last for some hours, when it is finished, the tape in hair is sprayed lotion and packed in a plastic bag to send to the clients.

Long Tape In Hair Apo

APO Hair have a skillful staff team to check the hair quality before sending it to the customers. The hair is packed carefully in a carton to make sure that it is not broken, wet or get tangle during delivery. After a few days of ordering, the hair will be sent to the door for you.

The tape in hair can also be bleached or dyed to any colors to meet customer’s demand. And to check which length of the hair extension will be most suitable for you, you can use a ruler and measure from the middle of your ear downwards.

You should choose a tape in hair which is not too much longer than your real hair so that it can blend with your hair to look more natural. In addition, the color of hair extensions should not too light which can cause a color mess. When you got a perfect human hair extension, you should give it a good care to help it shine over time.

Your turn: How do you think about the article? We’d like to hear all your thoughts and experiences with 24 inch clip in hair extensions. So feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below. If you are interested in this post, support us and follow our website for more beauty tips, news, how-to guides and detailed information of all our hair extensions. Thank for your attention!!!





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