18 inch weave hair extension for desired hair length

01 18 Inch Weave Hair Extension

Every women will love to have a long hairstyle at least once. 18 inch length will be perfect to try. However, it may be a big problem to some of us in growing hair that long. It’s no need to worry about it anymore, 18 inch weave hair extension will solve your issue immediately. Please stay tune and find out more about it in this post.

How 18 inch weave hair extension is?

02 18 Inch Weave Hair Extension

Weave hair extension is one of the most popular extension. It is also called as weft hair extension or machine weft hair extension. Hair will be sewn into a long strip which create a “weft”.

18 inch weave hair extension not only adds volume to our natural hair but also enhances hair length. As you can see from the photo above, 18 inch hair is in shoulder blades. It is considered as medium length. However, hair length will be different depending on your height. This chart is the general standard of the world.

How to apply 18 inch weave hair extension?

There are different methods to install weave hair extension in which sew-in method is the safest and the most favorite by hairstylists. Sew-in 18 inch weave hair extension divides into 2 ways that are braiding method and micro rings method. What are their difference?

Braiding method

This one is usually used by black American hairstylists. We all know that black American usually have coarse hair with short size. Normally, their hair hardly grow long naturally due to breakage and tangle. Therefore, 18 inch weave hair extension is a beloved item here to have semi-permanent hair length.

03 18 Inch Weave Hair Extension

If you have coarse and short hair, hairstylists will braid their natural hair into circular style or straight back. On the other hand, if you have long hair but want to add more volume, hairstylist usually make some thin cornrows (in general, 2-3 cornrows are enough for full head).

After that, needle and thread will be used to apply hair extension to your hair. Place thread through the needle and tie a knot to make sure thread in place. Then, carefully sew the weft of 18 inch weave extension to the braid/cornrows. A curved needle can make it easier. This sew-in method requires professional hairstylist because they need to be gingerly not to hurt client’s scalp. A small wound can consequence in the infection, fever, etc

Micro rings method

As sew-in method, micro-links weave hair extension also use needle and thread. In addition, we need a plier and a hook tools set to apply hair extension. Instead of braiding hair or making cornrows, this method will use micro-links as the bonding place.

04 18 Inch Weave Hair Extension

It is important to determine where you will apply hair extension. Then, use tail comb to divide your hair into 2 parts, use elastic bands or hair clips to fix the upper part. We will apply 18 inch weave hair extension in the lower part.

Hairstylist will place micro rings to your natural hair. Use tail comb to separate a very small strand and use hook tools set to let the micro ring get through this hair. After that, use the plier and fix the micro link. You should not make too much pressure because it can break your hair as well as make no space for needle and thread come through. Your application will be better if the space between each 2 micro rings are the same.

At last, sew 18 inch weave hair extension through the micro rings. To make more secure, hairstylist usually use pliers and make more pressure to them.

How to take care of 18 inch weft hair extension

Unlike natural hair, hair extensions cannot take nutrient from scalp so it is harder to take care of them. APO hair suggest you some tips to protect your hair extension.

Tip 1: Don’t wash your hair too regularly.

05 18 Inch Weave Hair Extension

As far as you know, wash hair can cause dry hair, hair loss, split end and other problems. The more you wash your hair, the shorter your hair extensions last. It is better to have 2 hair washes a week which not only help your hair and scalp clean but also keep your temporary hair color last longer.

Tip 2: Using right shampoo

It is very important to check the products’ ingredients while we usually skip this step. You need to choose sulfate free products because sulfate contains detergent which sweep away hair moisture. Thus, your hair will go dry faster. Be careful in choosing your shampoo or your 18 inch weave hair extension will become trash hair soon.

06 18 Inch Weave Hair Extension

Tip 3: Providing nutrient to your 18 inch weave hair extension

07 18 Inch Weave Hair Extension

One of the most common steps in hair-care is using conditioner after wash. This is a very easy way to take care of your hair but some of us are too lazy to do it though. You shouldn’t pass this step in your washing routine.

Natural hair masks are amazing friends for both natural hair and 18 inch weave hair extensions.  By taking care of your hair with natural ingredient mask, you will have shiny, smooth and healthy hair apparently. You can make do-it-yourself hair remedies from eggs, avocado, honey, coconut oil, etc. There are hundreds of recipes on the Internet. You should do research by yourself to choose the most suitable hair mask for your hair. It is suggested to have hair mask twice a week.

Tip 4: Prevent external elements from affecting your hair

08 18 Inch Weave Hair Extension

Taking care of hair is not only about keeping it in good condition but also preventing bad effect from damaging hair. Some external factors such as dirt, sunshine, chemicals, etc will consequence in tons of hair problems like hair loss, breakage, split end. To protect your 18 inch weave hair extension, you should wear hat when going out, limit to style your hair with hot tools, say no with hair dye and hair bleach.

APO hair hopes you find this post informative about 18 inch weave hair extension. If you want to have gorgeous hair with dreaming length, don’t hesitate anymore and contact our team to get the best deal. Our online store is http://apostore.vn. APO hair will try our best to make you have satisfying shopping experience with our company.

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