12 inch Ombre Weave – What is it and How to wear it with our hair

12 Inch Ombre Weave

The 12 inch ombre weave is one of the most common hair lengths to go for, as it can not only be flattering on all shapes of faces but can also give off an unexpectedly effortless, youthful, yet energetic vibe. As the hair is 12 inch-long, approximately 30 centimeters, it can reach the chin or longer or sometimes shoulder-length hair and it’s considered a perfect compromise for any girl, even the busiest ones.

With an Ombre weave, it’s important to show the smooth fade or the transition of color. You can apply some Ombre highlights or decide on the fade that starts at the mid-length level. If you are looking for an Ombre straight weave hairstyle that fits you. Check some examples on this blog post!!!

What does the word “Ombre” mean?

ombre weave by APOHAIR

Some people still don’t know where the origin of the term “Ombre” is. It is a French word that means “shadow” – it’s known as a process that dyes the hair in a gradation from dark to light. Basically, the outcome is usually darker hair from the roots to the mid-shaft and a transition to a lighter color from the mid-shaft through to the ends. With Ombré hairstyle, there is a noticeable color blocking from dark to light, with a smooth transition in between. This technique makes the hair look like it has been dip-dyed.

How to Wear 12 inch Ombre weave

With short or medium length hair

If you have short or medium length hair, you will be able to wear ombre weave without trimming your hair or already having your own hair ombre. (No chemicals needed, no money spent on color at the salon). Having short to medium length hair, you are able to wear weave and they will blend easily and will instantly add a pop of color.

Ombre hair by APOHAIR

When buying ombre weave, simply match the base color of the extensions to your own hair color and then choose the ombre color you like. Keep in mind, a more natural fade will look most natural, for example the chestnut brown ombre is the most popular because it looks natural and blends well. Lighter ombre will work if you have them cut and blended or you already have ombre hair.

The great benefit for women with short to medium hair lengths is that they can change their hair color effortlessly and instantly with 12 inch ombre weave. Also, you don’t need to color your own hair so you can save your money and hair while still achieving the ombre look. Just make sure to have your 12 inch ombre weave cut and blended in the salon for the most natural look.

With longer hair

If you have longer hair you will have to have your ends ombre already to make sure that the ombre weave you choose match your current ombre hair. If you have long hair with a solid color and you attempt to wear ombre weave, it will not look natural and can be recognized that you are wearing hair extensions. So when purchasing ombre weave, remember to choose a base and ombre color that are very similar to your ombre hair. Keep in mind that you can go 1-3 shades within your ombre colors and it will still blend well. Don’t forget to use a color ring or sample to match your own hair. Almost everyone can wear ombre weave, but the most important thing is making sure they match your hair and that the extensions are cut and blended well in the salon. Cutting hair extensions by your own will make them undetectable and will make all the difference.

12 inch Ombre weave from APOHAIR

Here at APOHAIR, we have a strict quality control for our all our Ombre hair extensions to ensure each has a natural ombre fade, as if the hair stylist just hand painted the extensions themselves. All our ombre and other types of hair extensions are made of 100% Vietnamese Human Hair. In addition, we completely say no to synthetic hair and harmful chemicals so you can total believe in our hair products.

Beside Ombre weave, our Ombre hair extensions are available for you to choose in bulk, tape-in. clip-in and keratin hair. Each type has its own advantages and definitely bring you a whole new look.

Many variations of Ombre weave hair are waiting for you at APOHAIR: Curly, wavy and straight. Furthermore, we have designed a wide range of colors for Ombre hair. They can be tradition or modern colors, warm tone or ash tone or even mix, highlight colors. Let’s come to APOHAIR, the choice is your. Visit our website here. Our customer service is always 24/7 to support you.

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