10 stunning photos of Emma Watson without makeup

11 Emma No Makeup

Emma Watson, the famous British actress, is admired not only because of her excellent acting skill, but also her gorgeous beauty. Emma Watson face is a beauty symbol and standard of so many people. We often see her beautiful face and brilliant vibe through her movies and photoshoots. However, the actress always look stunning even on or off camera, with or without any makeup.  

Below are some moments of Emma Watson no makeup that will stun you because of her natural charm.

Workout pic

01 Emma No Makeup

This is a rare Emma Watson workout pic which was taken during her exercise in Pittsburgh to prepare for her shooting in “The perks of being a Wallflower”. Without her makeup, she still looks confident and natural. The pink sports outfit really highlights her well-toned body.

Emma is a hardworking and passionate person; that’s why she always manages to stay fit and healthy despite of her busy work and life.

Eating a cookie

02 Emma No Makeup

Here we can see Emma Watson enjoying her chocolate chip. Although she was wearing simple outfit with her short haircut, she looks vibrant and beautiful with the flawless skin. Emma Watson skin care is absolutely great.


While going shopping

03 Emma No Makeup

The pretty actress in her casual outfit was spotted while wandering and shopping in NYC. She was wearing a striped tee, blazer and cropped pants. Her face has no makeup, but she still looks attractive and elegant as usual.

At the airport in New York

04 Emma No Makeup

Emma Watson appeared with her simple yet sporty outfit, a knitted jumper with a slim fitted jeans at JFK Airport in NYC. Her flawless make-up free skin has never failed to attract people’s attention and admiration. It is not exaggerating to say that she is always fabulous and glamour anywhere she goes.

Going out with casual outfit

05 Emma No Makeup

The picture was snapped while Emma Watson was delightedly wandering on the street. Her outfit and the classy bag look really great on her, showing off her pretty face with no makeup at all. Emma really knows how to look awesome with sans makeup.

The lovely girl

06 Emma No Makeup

Emma Watson was spotted relaxing during her shooting for her movie after she completed her role as Hermione on Harry Potter series. She looks totally young, lovely and full of energy while wearing no artificial cosmetic product.

At her 17th birthday celebration

07 Emma No Makeup

The actress was spotted in a pink printed sweatshirt, black leggings and a pair of sneaker and carrying some shopping bags. She was arriving at her relative to celebrate her 17th birthday. Emma‘s natural curly hair was left loose and her face was makeup free, but she was still really pretty and pleasing in appearance.

Delighted girl in her casual outfit

08 Emma No Makeup

The Harry Potter actress’ natural beauty and stunning features was highlighted in an oversize white shirt and a three quarter black pant. Emma looks amazing and delightful, spreading her positive energy to people around her. This has been reflected clearly by the way she carried herself to anywhere she goes.

Grocery shopping

09 Emma No Makeup

Emma Watson was spotted with her boyfriend in London while they were going out for grocery shopping. Emma was dressed in a white tanktop with a basic denim jacket, grey pants and sneakers, which makes she look totally cute and feminine in this photo. You may be amazed by her grace and neat without a hint of makeup.

The elegant girl

10 Emma No Makeup

This picture was taken while Emma Watson was enjoying a joyous occasion. Without any stitch of makeup, she still carries her brilliant and gorgeous beauty. Her elegant style was enhanced with her earrings, well-cutting hair and her impressive eyebrows.

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